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For years now the operating system Apple uses for its tablets has been evolving into a distinct beast, and this year Apple embraced that shift by forging iPadOS 13 from the framework of iOS 13. It’s still recognizably iOS 13, mind you, so don’t expect to flip on your iPad this week and find an interface that resembles what you’d find on a MacBook.

On the other hand, iPadOS 13 certainly does a lot to take the iPad seriously as a MacBook replacement. File management has improved, websites in Safari usually look much like they do on a desktop, and the home screen is more more useful.

There’s a whole bundle of stuff we think you should try out, but here’s what should take priority. First off, though: Make sure you update all your apps before digging too deep into the update.

Turn on Dark Mode

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way. Dark Mode is the hot new feature of both iPadOS 13 and iOS 13, and you can flip it on by simply telling Siri to “turn on Dark Mode.” We have a more detailed expansion of how to turn on Dark Mode as well.

Dark Mode makes reading easier on the eyes at night and, well, it also just looks cool. Try it out.

Customize the widgets on your home screen

That’s right: You now have widgets on your iPad’s home screen! The left side of your iPad’s home screen now has a separate column for widgets from apps like Weather, Calendar, and Apple News by default, but you can add as many widgets for your favorite apps as you want. That way essential information for your workflow will always be ready at your fingertips. To add more widgets, scroll down to the button of the widget bar and press Edit at the bottom.

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widgets home screen ipados 13 Leif Johnson/IDG

There also isn’t as much space between apps in this view as there was in the old interface.

If you’re not seeing the sidebar, go to Settings Display & Brightness and scroll down to Home Screen Layout. Make sure More is checked. After that, you merely have to swipe right on your home screen to get the widget bar to show up. To make it go away, swipe left.

Try out an external drive

Nothing kept the iPad from being a true laptop alternative quite like its lack of full support for external drives. Even after Apple recently loosened its grasp, all the iPad would do is scan for image files and then ask if you’d like to import them to Photos. Speaking from experience, this made the iPad incredibly frustrating to use on media trips where representatives would give me thumb drives containing images, videos, and documentation about their latest products—and I could use little to none of it.

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