Is SEO Better Than Other Popular Digital Marketing Options?


SEO is the thing that is used to help in rankings. It enhances web traffic; it helps your business to be popular and to be found on social media.

( — January 14, 2019) — SEO is the thing that is used to help with rankings. It enhances web traffic; it helps your business be popular and to be found on social media. It helps the site to be found first when anybody writes the name of that site. Its main focus is to build a link. SEO is a tough job but once it is understood, it is very easy.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) basically focuses more on creating the content that will boost your website’s ranking on SERP. It attracts the attention of people or customers towards the website, and it can drive traffic. To know more, let’s have a basic overview of all the other types and their advantages. Knowning such things will help you in deciding on the best option for your business.

SEO over SMM

SMM is well known for specific traffic where you have a range of options. SMM is easy to choose, and anyone can use it. You have the below-given features –

  • Age –This is the primary feature that you can choose where setting the age group as per your advertising campaign is easy. This thing will help your advertisement campaign get more benefits. However, you are not able to set the age with SEO.
  • Gender – Choosing between male and female is the best thing for an e-commerce platform which is selling a product specifically for boys or girls. This feature will make a greater number of people get the right type of advertisement.  
  • Region – Being able to set the region is the best thing, and it will come in handy for you also. The only reason for choosing SMM is to target the city you want. If you have any restaurant or store, this feature is helpful and it makes SMM better than SEO.

These are key features which are making SMM better, but there are downsides also where SMM is not that effective.

  • Traffic – You can gain a little traffic on the official website whereas the traffic is not that high. SEO boosts traffic by many times, and it will come in handy to increase the sales in a small time period. Due to this reason, you can prefer it over other options. 
  • Competing – With SEO, you are able to compete against other businesses. However, SMM will provide traffic and sales only. It won’t make you rank higher. If anyone else ranks on the top than they will be getting all the benefits for sure. This reason really matters a lot.

Due to these reasons, you can say that SMM is not for those who want to focus on online business. To enhance the sales at a land-based store, SMM is effective and reliable for sure.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and it is widely preferred by businesses who want to rank, doesn’t matter how. There is no need for ranking when you prefer SEM because it will feature your website on the top and the chances will be higher to see an increase in sales.

  • Experts say that not everyone will click on the featured or sponsored websites. It is a common myth among everyone that the featured websites are not good to go and this may affect the sales of your website. 
  • Some people use ad-blocker plugins, and this can affect your business. You may be wondering how. Well, all the web browsers allow ad-blockers, and these automatically remove sponsored posts from SEM.
  • For a highly competitive keyword, you may have to spend a good amount, and the price will keep on increasing with time. This becomes even worse with SEM, and it can easily make anyone choose SEO over this one.

These reasons can help you understand why SEM is not that good, and there are only a few people wh prefer this method over others. Choosing Golden Search Advantage Seattle SEO will be a better choice over SEM, and you can gain a range of benefits by using this method.

SEO Vs. E-mail Marketing

Another popular type is e-mail marketing, and it is high in demand these days, but there is no need to prefer it over others. Google automatically tracks such emails and sends them in sponsored and other columns. It avoids the distraction for the user, but the disadvantage is to the business who prefers it. You may have seen that e-mail marketing isn’t that effective as before.

Comparing e-mail to SMS marketing, you can say that SMS is better. Here, we are discussing the different marketing strategies in comparison to SEO. So, according to cost, e-mail marketing is cheaper, and it has the ability to drive traffic but not that much. You will get a little traffic, and all other emails will be left unopened. This can make you feel bad about the money wasted on this type of advertisement.

To spend money in the right place, you can consider SEO due to a cheaper price point, easy to choose option and all the benefits. The brand exposure is not easy to gain with e-mail marketing so that’s why you can prefer SEO in most cases. Keep in mind that you need to choose the best service provider to avoid getting into any kind of issue in the future.

The only good thing about e-mail marketing is its lower price, and it can easily tempt any new business. If you look at stats, then it is easy to find that more than 60% of users never look at the other mail section and such emails remain avoided. This reason can make anyone choose SEO.

Bottom Line

SEO can increase the exposure, provide lots of traffic and save money. The increase in sales can provide the revenue, and this thing will help your business go well in a small time period. Hopefully, this guide will help you learn about online marketing strategies so you can find the best one. Keep in mind that you need to stay focused to avoid any possible issues.


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