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Is Your HR Department ‘Agile’? Here’s What That Means—And Why It Matters to Your Company Growth


You’ve probably heard this buzzword: agility. Although you’ve heard it and seen it, do you know if it’s something your organization should practice? What does agility really mean when it comes to shaping your human resources?

Agility in the HR industry

Many HR departments think of their role as developing and executing company-wide standards and systems. Although this is an important job, it’s not their only job.

An agile HR department takes standards and systems a step further, and focuses on how to best use them to create an innovative, collaborative workplace. The goal is to propel the organization ahead faster and further by adapting to new trends in how employees operate, grow, and execute their jobs.

Is your company’s HR department agile? Or are you stuck focusing on systems and standards that won’t push your organization further? If the latter is true, here are a few ways you can bring more agility to your business.

Hold regular professional development classes

When a person stops learning, they stop growing. Still, many businesses hire, train, and then do little to continue the professional development process. This isn’t just a hindrance to your organization’s growth, it’s also a frustration to employees who feel stuck in dead-end jobs.

Agile HR departments find new opportunities to regularly teach and build up employees on a professional level. As employees continue to develop their skills and abilities, they become more empowered to make better decisions that will help grow the company. Your HR department will be the catalyst for that growth by finding and investing in employees’ overall well-being.  

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Embrace new technology

We’ve been using smartphones for about a decade now. In the grand scheme of things, that isn’t that long considering how much these devices have permeated our lives.

And it’s not just the device itself. Apps have become the norm in professional and personal lives. People are so attached to their smartphones that they demand access to information anywhere, anytime. For example, if you’re still printing a paper copy of your work schedule, you could switch to an app that does your scheduling, giving your employees access whenever, wherever. When your team can’t get the information they need, they feel out of the loop. If your business isn’t keeping up with the latest technology, your employees are likely frustrated.

Agile HR departments understand how quickly technology changes. They aren’t afraid to embrace change, even when it means uprooting old systems and implanting new ones. They aren’t afraid to adopt new solutions to meet the needs of their team. In fact, they’re excited about it because they know it’ll free up more time for themselves and their team members to work on tasks that matter to the forward momentum of the business.

Reward employees creatively

Old school benefits and rewards systems don’t work. They’re boring and worn out. Today’s workforce wants something different and exciting. They want to feel like they’re being uniquely compensated in ways that matter to them.

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