Ismail Sirdah Shares Ways to Use Photography to Boost Engagement

Ismail Sirdah Shares Ways to Use Photography to Boost Engagement

Ismail Sirdah Shares Ways to Use Photography to Boost Engagement

How does a nearly 40% boost in engagement on your social media outlets sound? Ismail Sirdah is a professional photographer whose work has seen this level of feedback for many of his clients. The following are just a few of the methods Ismail uses to achieve these results.

Do I Need an Expensive Camera for Good Photos?

You don’t necessarily need to have a professional camera to capture good photographs. Smartphones have incredible cameras and have snapped some of the top award-winning photographs in the world. You can download apps to enhance your photos and some of these apps are so versatile that several full-length movies have been filmed entirely on smartphones using them. 

What Types of Photos Work Best for Social Media?

If you want to set yourself and your brand apart, you need to create your own photographs instead of using basic stock photos. Studies tell us that social media posts with images receive at least double the engagement of text-only posts. The more relatable your picture is then the more shares it will receive. 

You also want to go for softer color tones with shades of blue being the most popular. Studies also show us that photographs with parts of the body, such as a hand grabbing something, receive more engagement than full body pictures. Photographs that have a lot of texture and white space also perform better. Get creative when creating your photographs because the most creative ones are the most shared! 

Tips for Taking Good Photos

If you’ll be using a public space for your photoshoot then make sure you plan ahead and go before the public gets there. A great time for most outdoor places is at sunrise when the lighting is just right and there’s no one in sight. Ismail uses the ShotHotSpot app to find the best locations for his photoshoots. Make sure you capture your photos with a variety of different backdrops. 

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Best Places to Get Good Photos

The best backdrops are found right in the natural beauty that surrounds us. If you live near water, a waterfront photo shoot is a must. Some favorite times of day to capture a beautiful shot are during sunrise and sunset. Another great spot for photos is a state park because they are full of beautiful backdrops for your photos. 

If you don’t live within driving distance of a state park, see if there are any botanical gardens or greenhouses in your area. If you want a more rustic vibe to your photos, search for abandoned farm buildings. Lastly, a popular trend in photography is using a coffee shop or other quaint shop. 

Inexpensive Indoor Backdrop Ideas

If you want to stay indoors, Ismail Sirdah has some tips for creating an inexpensive backdrop in your home. These strategies use basic things found in your home and won’t cost you any extra money. Here are his ideas for some inexpensive backdrops: 


  • Make a scene: Place something up against a blank wall such as a table decorated with place settings and a centerpiece. Or, you can create a scene using indoor plants and other props. This is your chance to get creative and will give the eye something to look at besides the person in the photograph
  • Use the wall: Tape your backdrop to a plain white wall. You can use fabric or paper flowers, balloons, or even cut out shapes from colored paper
  • Use a building: You can even use the side of a building for your backdrop. Brick walls or rustic, aged barn wood walls all make for beautiful backdrops. You can add vibrantly colored accents or place cut pieces of wood for a more rustic look
  • Hang your backdrop from the ceiling: You can hang streamers, fringed construction paper, or whatever else your imagination can come up with!
  • Use fabric: You can create an inexpensive stand with PVC pipe and attach fabric to it. If you don’t want to spend money at the fabric store, use some sheets or even curtains to create that perfect backdrop for your photos.

You can snap a variety of photographs against your favorite places outdoors and then head inside to add more variety. You want to have a large portfolio to grab from to have a steady flow of one-of-a-kind photographs for your social media.

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