IT Problems and Managed Services The Answer To Your IT Problem

it problems and managed services techspert servicesMost technology consumers don’t think of managed services when their new iPhone 7 screen shatters when dropping it face down after only have it for one week, yet IT programs play an important role after the phone is damaged.

They deal with sluggish response, repairing the internal damages and virus issues.

Consumers might also be interested in building a website for their company in the future or need a computer fixed that contains important files and crashed, all of which use IT services to complete. These are all issues that IT services deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Managed services is a trend that is occurring in many companies. Techspert Services helps provide services and expertise on how small businesses can compete in a large market place. According to Business Dictionary, managed services is an outsourced IT solution where a company remotely monitors and services your servers, workstations, network and other hardware.

cloud backup techspert servicesThe benefit of Techspert Services handling your managed services is that your company will need fewer employees, which means you have less to pay in salaries, 401k, benefits, etc. Also, instead of having one or two IT people, you now would have a whole team with all varied skills. Small businesses also won’t need to have any staff members knowing how to build a website, because that is something they also are trained to do.


10 managed services trends in 2019:

  1. As outsourcing matures, firms will look to their service providers as partners for a complete solution that bundles software with professional services, custom application development and managed services, as well as thought-leadership.
  2. The business process-as-a-service (BPaaS) model will gain momentum because firms can leverage a utility model that serves multiple companies, provides economies of scale and supports an efficient end-to-end business process.
  3. Firms will continue to seek software solutions delivered on a software-as-as-service basis so they can select software components in the cloud to create a single, customized solution.
  4. Customers of business process outsourcing (BPO) services will look beyond traditional application hosting and staff augmentation or replacement models to add domain-specific business services and thought leadership.
  5. IT executives will outsource more IT infrastructure and application management services to help reduce total cost of ownership and free up internal resources.
  6. Firms will look for outsourcing providers that can offer cloud computing to help more quickly prototype and develop applications.
  7. Compliance with regulatory and operational risk requirements are leading firms to look more closely at the integrity of outsourcing service providers and to demand strong service level agreements.
  8. Firms are moving towards service contracts that are based on a variable cost model, which transfers risk to the service provider and helps firms save money and better manage the peaks and valleys of demand.
  9. Adhering to best practices and global certifications and standards such as COPC, ITIL and Lean Six Sigma will help outsourcing providers offer customers more efficient and higher quality services.
  10. Firms will look to managed services providers to operate and maintain new and complex initiatives such as big data and smart grids. 
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 When choosing the right IT service, keep in mind that you want to make sure they fit your companies needs. Techspert Services can fulfill all of your companies needs and more!

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