Buwizz Lego Gokart
Photo credit: BuWizz
When is LEGO not just something you use to build static sculptures? When BuWizz gets their hands on the bricks. The team used nearly 8,000 LEGO pieces, 32 L motors, 8 BuWizz bricks, and the BuWizz app to create a life-sized go-kart that can hit a top speed of 2.5 mph. Sure, it may not be a speed demon, but the idea that one day anyone will be able to create things like this at home was more than worth the hundreds of hours it took to build. Read more for two videos and additional information.

This go-kart can be controlled using the BuWizz app on a compatible smartphone mounted to its steering wheel. The eight BuWizz bricks are basically a third-party alternative to the LEGO Mindstorms boxes that house electric motors and sensors used in more advanced creations. If you really wanted to use standard LEGO control bricks, it could also be done, but would have greatly hindered performance since the BuWizz bricks offer more power and better battery life.

For now, no braking system has been incorporated, but considering the top speed of the electric motors, there doesn’t yet seem to be a need. Future updates could include a braking system should it be able to hit at least 5 mph, or double what it can now.

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