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The Industrial Training Institute run by State Government at Bhubaneswar has introduced a four Smart Trades for the very first time in Odisha. This step is taken to give the students ability to tap the latest career opportunities in job sector with Internet of Things.


The Bhubaneswar Smart City Project proposal topped the national challenge back in 2016 is already hot topic due to its momentum. This has gained more popularity among students with the introduction of Smart Trades at the ITI.


Internet of Things

Internet of Things technology enables devices to observe, identify and understand a situation or the surroundings without human intervention. It includes real-time sensory equipments, hardware and software connected to the internet. This complete setup works together to enhance functionality remotely to exchange data. A number of promises offered by Internet of Things have made it popular. There are endless applications of IoT in industries ranging from Airlines, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Insurance, Media & Entertainment etc.


Smart Trades by ITI Bhubaneswar

The smart trades introduced by ITI Bhubaneswar are:

  • IoT Technician Smart Agriculture
  • IoT Technician Smart City
  • IoT Technician Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Phone Technician- cum-Application Tester

Each of these trades has got 24 seats. The course fee is free for girls, SC and ST and physically challenged students. This is done to grab the interest of the young students to join the new courses.


The Flashing Effect

Considering the introduction of IoT-based Smart City curriculum as a benchmark for other institutes, a leading electric manufacturing firm Schneider Electric, has shown their willingness to train the faculty members of ITI Bhubaneswar in “Train the Trainer” course to improve their technical skills. Schneider Electric have 95 training centers worldwide offering more than 1400 courses and digital solutions dedicated to enhance safety, power reliability and experience.

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Expectations from Smart Trades

  • IoT Technician Smart Agriculture Trade

    This course is expected to enable students to understand emerging concept of smart agriculture by managing farms using IoT, AI, robotics, drones technologies. Implementing these concepts, the quantity and quality of products can be increased by optimizing the required human labor.


  • IoT Technician Smart City Trade

    This trade will make students application-oriented by talking about smart city functioning like smart traffic management with data analysis and using IoT tools in monitoring and managing efficient water supply.


  • IoT Technician Smart Healthcare Trade

    This trade is about management and prevention of chronic diseases through IoT-based devices. The students will come to know about the wearable devices to monitor body parameters and tracking health conditions. It also covers the preventive measures acquired through use of IoT devices. To improve the healthcare practices, the data acquired from these devices can be shared with medical professionals.


  • Smart Phone Technician-cum-Application Tester Trade

    This trade will have analytic approach on the applicability of various Apps and monitoring personal data through use of Smart phones.

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