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Digital Marketing is now become an essential part of all the industries and every sector is now having a separate department for digital marketing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the key factor in marketing as it increases your back linking and make you visible on search engines. People often think that SEO could be very difficult but it is not true. It is a simplest task to attempt just tricks and tips if you follow, you could be a better SEO. Let me explain some important terms of SEO to make you understand it easily.

Basic SEO Concepts

Before starting to learn the ways of SEO optimization, it’s good for you to understand what SEO is and the basic concepts first. 

Basically SEO is the optimization steps taken by website owners in order to get a high ranking in search results. Why are website owners competing to get first place in Google’s search results?


The reason is because no one cares what is on the second page of Google search results. Most Google users only open the website on the first page. Based on Infront WebWorks research, the first page of Google search results dominates traffic. So like it or not, like it or not, if you want to get high organic traffic, your website page must appear on the first page of Google. The question is how does Google determine which web pages are eligible to appear in the top rankings of its search results?


Actually no one really knows how Google works. However, professionals in the field of SEO have formulated several key indicators of SEO on Google. These indicators will help website owners win the competition in Google’s search results.

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Website Optimization

The earliest SEO optimization step that you need to do is optimize your website first. Websites that have not been optimized will only complicate your SEO optimization steps going forward. 


  • Website Speed ​​Optimization
  • Install SSL / TLS
  • Mobile Device Optimization
  • Create XML and HTML Sitemaps
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Install Google Search Console
  • Install Yoast SEO


Keyword Research and Creating Content

After website optimization is complete, now is the time you start thinking about how to create quality content on the website. Quality content is the main key to increasing your ranking in Google’s search law essay writing service results. In today’s SEO, content is considered as the KING. The content on the web pages must be unique and keyword based. The keyword density should be well managed in the entire content because keyword stuffing comes under black Hat SEO. What do you need to do to create quality content? Check out the main points below!

  • Do Keyword Research
  • Create Complete and Solution based Content
  • Create Interesting Title Content


On Page SEO Optimization

After creating content, your work is not finished. You still need to optimize the content so that you can rise to the top of Google search results. The steps you take to optimize this content are referred to as SEO on page.


There are many SEO optimization steps on page, from permalink optimization, adding visual media, using headings, using LSI keywords, to arranging links to be open in new tab. A more complete explanation about SEO on page you can get online because it is also much more to discover but not difficult that you cannot learn.

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Off Page SEO Optimization

Is on page SEO optimization enough? 

Unfortunately, the answer is not enough. Off page SEO optimization is still needed so that the quality of your website’s SEO is getting more leverage. In contrast to on page SEO which deals with internal website factors, off page SEO is SEO optimization from external factors.


One of these external factors is a backlink or inbound link. Backlinks are still an important factor for SEO today. However, backlinks are not the only off page SEO factor. There are still several other factors that affect the SEO off page of your website. In the latest trends Link building is very important and quality link building effects best. Relevant links with the unique contents are very useful in off page SEO. There are different types of link building you can do to get best results like comments, forum submissions, image submissions etc.



SEO strategies are not stagnant and will never be stagnant. Website owners are required to update their strategy every time there is an algorithm update from Google. Today the competition is very high and almost all the industries are now in the digital world. SEO is now become very common and not a difficult task at all. The only thing is that an SEO must be updated with the latest algorithms and trends. Hopefully this article is enough to help you in updating your website’s SEO strategy. That way, you can improve website ranking in Google’s search results using the right strategy!

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