Jonathan Loiselle And Agence Marketing Quebec Partners For New Project – Press Release

Jonathan Loiselle, an expert SEO consultant in Quebec, has announced a partnership with a marketing agency for an upcoming project. Loiselle states that this partnership is part of an overall effort to offer his clients even more support for their SEO needs. More on Loiselle and his services can be seen at

Loiselle says, “Agency marketing will enable us to provide an even further array of services to our clients. Not only can we assist with their search engine optimization and web design and launch, but we can provide the marketing for those agencies to help them to further grow their businesses.”

Loiselle says this new partnership will combine his many years of SEO experience with a firm that has many years of agency marketing experience, two things that businesses are in dire need of if they want to succeed in today’s digital based world. He adds that his company has consulted with and assisted a wide number of businesses over the years and that they look forward to adding even more clients to their list.

“This new partnership will enable us to give our clients the very best for their marketing needs,” says Loiselle. “We are pleased to be able to introduce our customers to this agence marketing Quebec and look forward to seeing where it takes us and them in the future.”

Loiselle says that agency marketing is essential for those who want to be found online, which he states is important for online and offline businesses. Studies show that even local businesses, those that do not offer sales of goods or services online, can benefit from an online presence. Loiselle states that this presence helps local customers to find companies that may otherwise not be listed.

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A company’s online presence can include social media sites and search engine results. Loiselle states that local companies benefit from search engine results because more consumers use the internet to find local companies than those that do not. Many consumers today actively search for local businesses using a smartphone. Loiselle says that there are a number of ways that local businesses can capture the attention of these consumers online, including having various social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and being found on search engines.

Local search engine results may simply provide customers with the location of a business. Google reviews or other review pages could help a business to earn a better reputation so that when a local customer searches for a specific product or service that the company offers, that company will show up. Loiselle says that local search engine results are crucial for any company that wants to compete in today’s market and that this includes all industries and niches.

Loiselle adds that his partnership with this newest company will enable him and his team to provide an even better result for companies that are looking to be found by online or local customers. He states that those who are interested in learning more can visit him on his website at

The website offers more detailed information about the range of services that Loiselle and his team provide, as well as their partnerships with this new agency and a website design agency that provides the website launch for his clients. He states that these are all important parts of building a business, whether that business is going to operate online or offline. Loiselle states that those who have questions will find more information on the website and urges those interested to contact him to set up a consultation to discuss their business marketing needs. Loiselle’s website also provides information about his consultation experience and an online contact form for those who prefer to contact him via email.

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Loiselle is an experienced SEO consultant and has provided services to a number of businesses in and around the Quebec region. Those who are interested in learning more can visit Loiselle online.


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