Just Opened: A New Web Marketing Quebec Agency – Press Release

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Digital marketing and SEO expert Jonathan Loiselle has launched a new web marketing agency in Quebec amidst increasing emphasis on online marketing for businesses. The innovative company will be offering search engine optimization services and other marketing assistance to operations of varying sizes. The methods used are tried and tested and will help businesses to gain more organic reach.

Commenting on the new agency, Loiselle said: “Businesses need solid web marketing plans now more than ever. With social media algorithms and SEO best practices constantly changing, it is important to stay up to date. Many companies can’t afford a full-time marketing professional but having a solid marketing plan is crucial to doing business in Quebec today.”

Loiselle is opening this agency after years of honing his skills in agencies and launching a branch in Montreal. He has helped many brands build their online presence and climb the search engine result pages. This is crucial since modern consumers turn to search engines when they are looking for products or services. Increasingly, businesses are seeing the importance of meeting customers where they are. This is the only way to remain relevant and profitable.

Loiselle says search engines are a special form of marketing because they provide businesses with targeted traffic. This means they attract visitors looking for exactly what the business has to offer. For Loiselle, this underscores the importance of having an optimized site which is easy to navigate and filled with useful information. He believes businesses in Quebec and surrounding areas should not neglect web marketing.

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“If search engines cannot locate your site or index your words and images, you miss out on several chances to drive traffic to your site. The words that users put in the search box have extraordinary value. Search engine traffic can really help or hinder the success of an organization,” he says.

Business owners who want to learn more about web marketing and SEO can contact Loiselle using these updated details:

Jonathan Loiselle
1005 Ch Ste-Foy #582
Quebec, QC G1S 4N4
(581) 705-2312

Research has shown that people trust the results which appear on the first page of Google. They believe the individuals and businesses which show up there are authorities in their field and market leaders. When they find exactly what they’re looking for, they not only patronize the business, but they share the link with others. They may share photos and videos on Instagram or Facebook. They may leave a positive review on Yelp or blog about the experience. Word can spread very quickly on the web and such reach is invaluable for businesses. They would never be able to pay for such advertising.

The increased number of website visitors allows businesses to gather information about their customers. They can learn which keywords they searched for, their geographical location, the days and times they’re most active and even which browsers they use. They can then target their products and services to them in an even more optimized way. It is against this background that Jonathan has launched his Quebec agency.

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One of the first things the Web marketing Quebec agency will do for clients is to conduct a website audit. Loiselle says many sites are packed with content that is hurting their SEO and the audit will help to identify these problems. Business owners will be advised on how they can optimize their site and get it in front of customers who need their services.

Loiselle says it is only through focus and determination that he has been able to open this business in Quebec. With SEO services and web expertise expected to be in even greater demand, he says the focus will be on customers and results.

“We are determined to deliver excellent service and contribute to the success of our clients. We spend lots of time evaluating our offering and try new methods of getting results. We really are committed to excellence.”

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For more information about Jonathan Loiselle, contact the company here:

Jonathan Loiselle
Jonathan Loiselle

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