Keywords That Should Be Tracked in SEO

Keywords are an essential part of digital marketing and SEO. Through the proper use of tracking keywords, your digital marketing could reach many people.

( — April 3, 2019) — With appropriate keywords, proper SEO becomes a walk in the park. To better understand the hidden potential of your website and its current position in relation to SEO, a business owner has to invest in tracking keywords. In-depth research should be first done to determine the most relevant keywords that will work for your target market before proceeding with keyword tracking.

The best way to perform keyword tracking is by use of a rank tracker. With my years of experience as a successful SEOer, I highly recommend SERPreme. There is something about this new rank tracker that makes it the most preferred keyword tracking software. In comparison to other rank trackers, it is by far the most efficient, cost-effective and simplest in terms of use.

When tracking keywords, one has to know the most relevant keywords to track. Below is a list of the best keywords to track and the ones that would be a complete waste of time.

Keywords to track:

  • Keywords that already generate organic traffic

These are one of those keywords that must be tracked. This is because their rank fluctuations will significantly affect the kind of traffic you receive on your website. A lose or rank causes a decrease in organic traffic and higher rankings cause an increase in organic traffic.

Failure to track these keywords causes website owners to lose sight of what is important to them at the moment.

  • Keywords you plan to target

Keeping track of keywords you want to work on is also crucial as it enables you to fully comprehend the opportunities that lie in them. Then, you can prioritize on them accordingly.

  • Keywords that are highly seasonal

It is clever to track keywords that are in season. There are times that keywords with the yellow label are ‘trendy’ and other times; keywords with the green label are the in-thing. So, it is for you as a business owner to know when it is the most appropriate times to use these keywords to ensure maximum search engine optimization.

Keywords not to track:

  • Keywords not related to either of your products or services.

Tracking keywords that are not related to your business are greatly forbidden because:-

  1. No matter how big a search or traffic these keywords generate, they will be unrelated to you and you will not be able to match user intent. If Google notices a trend here, it will drop your rankings.

  2. It is a waste of time, money and resources

  3. It will affect how accurate your reports are.

These keywords have little to no impact to your pages so it is an utter waste of resources tracking them.

  • Keyword misspellings and variations

The above keywords should not be tracked individually because Google already included these factors into the main keywords. Most often than not, you will rank the same as these misspellings and variations. Refraining from tracking them will save you the resources that could be used to track more relevant keywords.

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