Korean Actor Lee Pil Mo And Seo Soo Yeon Welcomes Baby Boy To The World, Detalis Inside


South Korean Actor Lee Pil Mo and Seo Soo Yeon become parents of a baby boy.

On August 20, Lee Pil Mo shares a post on his Instagram account about his first baby boy. He wrote, ”Our Oingi was born so beautifully. After 13 hours of labor. Thank you so much to Soo Yeon for enduring that hard time. I’ll do my best as a father to give you everything I can provide. I’ll raise you as a child who can provide positive and good influence to everyone around you. Only grow up healthy. I will also like to greet with a heart to those who congratulated us. Thank you so much.”

Lee Pil Mo and Seo Soo Yeon first met on a TV reality show “Taste of Dating,” and after five months of dating, they got married on February 9. Two months later on April 5, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.

Lee Pil Mo also previously stated that “During this time, my life has changed a lot, and I am now the father of a young child named Pil Mo, who will soon be born. As an actor in his forties, I will take another step forward and make an effort to greet you all with a responsible image and action. ”

Lee Pil Mo’s agency also revealed, “On August 14, Lee Pil Mo’s wife Seo Soo Yeon gave birth to a baby boy. Both Seo Soo Yeon and the baby are healthy and in good condition.” Congratulations to the new parents!


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