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LAS VEGAS, March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Digital Dynasty is the leading Las Vegas SEO company & they let out their secret to how local businesses can thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Joe Lawlor, creative marketing strategist & founder at Digital Dynasty accepted an interview with me to discuss topics on online marketing. Joe was shockingly thorough with his answers and I’d like to get right into the nitty gritty due to the length of his explanations. Here’s everything he had to say:

“Marketing strategy is unique to each and every business. It usually depends on factors like the current status of the business; which includes budget, market aggressiveness due to rising competitors, size of the business, location, target audience, and most of all, their brand. It’s generally easier to start from scratch. When I’m consulting with a startup on brand strategy, we go over everything I just stated first; that way we can construct the brand around that.”

It’s harder to work with a business that already has an established brand, and they want to take things to another level that sometimes isn’t possible without rebranding the company. Business owners usually don’t like doing this because it’s their baby, but if your baby has to grow, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

This is why business owners should start the right way, and consult with a professional strategist about how to properly market your company from the get-go so it can grow into exactly what you envision.

It’s shocking that there’s a large percentage of people that still don’t want to adapt to the internet. They say they don’t see the need to, and that it’s a fad or will die out sometime soon. These people will for sure be left behind, but why hire a marketing consultant if you’re going to still stick to your current beliefs regardless of what they tell you.

It depends entirely on the business. Some local businesses we’ve done search engine optimization for are thriving as much as they imagined being sufficient enough to set themselves up for retirement, and they stop there. Others want to continue growth, so they go after more of a local branding campaign with billboards, social media, local sponsorships, etc.

Generally for local businesses, when pairing search engine optimization (SEO) with a local branding campaign, they do very very well for a period of about 2-5 years. They do need a bigger budget for this strategy but it is definitely the right way to go for local businesses.

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The businesses that are paying 100 bucks a month for social media just to simply have a “presence” are probably spending unwisely. They believe an “online presence” is what will directly generate customers for them, when that’s only a portion of what must be done.

It’s usually a weak branding technique when paying such low amounts such as $100 per month; in order for a social media company to offer this service at low prices is to set up an automated feed of blog posts from other websites to post to the social accounts.

This is only good if you’re doing absolutely nothing else for branding due to very low budget and need to have an online presence to get started. The problem is that most business owners think this will directly generate them revenue.

The underlying issue is that most business owners aren’t correctly informed about how internet marketing works, so they get stuck with the bottom feeder companies that offer these types of services, since most of them control the mainstream information they find online.

Another thing a lot are businesses are doing is paying a few hundred bucks for SEO, and expecting a direct stream of revenue from it, just like the social media. The thing is, if you’re paying a company under a thousand dollars to do your SEO, they only have enough firepower to do brand SEO.

What brand SEO does, is when people type in the business’ brand name on Google, the entire page will populate with links that pertain to that business. Also, when people type in reviews, social, testimonials, etc, following the brand name, it will populate what the searcher is looking for.

Although this is great, it won’t directly generate revenue. The type of SEO that generates revenue directly is when you hire an SEO to optimize for keywords that pertain to services that company offers. For example, if you’re a plumber, and a potential customer goes on Google and searches for, “plumber in my city” and you show up first, you WILL get phone calls pouring in, and those people are indeed looking to hire a plumber in that instant.

So it makes sense why this type of SEO directly generates sales, the only thing is that it’s expensive. It usually costs a couple grand to do this kind of work properly for longevity. But once it’s done, you have leads coming in on the daily for years.

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Business owners hire an SEO company or consultant to optimize for keywords pertaining to their products or service and pay thousands of dollars on the monthly for it. After the contracted period ends, they are only ranked for long-tail keywords.

It’s good to rank for long-tail keywords, but only as a compliment to ranking for the better higher traffic keywords. The problem here is that these companies take the money, show the rankings, and run. The business owner is left with no good results because they may get 1 sale every 4 months for these types of keywords.

Then, the business owner tells all his friends about how SEO doesn’t work. This is how that bad taste for SEOs started. Then you find articles online about how SEO is dead, which makes absolutely no sense. People are still searching for what they want in the instant they want it, that’s human nature, it’s not dead in any form and will never die; people will always take out their phones when they need something, and search for someone who offers it near them.

But even so, people believe what they read even though these articles are coming from other marketing agencies that offer PPC (pay-per-click) or social media only. It’s a smart way to leverage this “bad taste” but it’s doing businesses harm. The business owners that see this or can think for themselves are the ones that will succeed with SEO. The ones who believe everything they hear will always be far behind the wolves.”

Joe Lawlor operates a very successful SEO company in Las Vegas called Digital Dynasty, which him and his wife Laura started from the ground up, and are quite the perfect team. Joe has this very strong logical and analytical component to him and Laura is a fast-paced executor. Seeing them work in their office was pretty impressive as Laura just gets things done like wildfire as Joe generates and executes with his team on plans and ideas for his clients’ campaigns as well as their own marketing campaign for Digital Dynasty. All in all, Joe really “spilled the beans” here on how to have a successful marketing strategy for a local business.

To those of you who’d like to get in touch with Joe and his team at Digital Dynasty, here’s where you can find them:
(702) 900-7786


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