Last Minute Holiday SEO: Important for Increased Sales, or Just a Simple Plus? - San Antonio Internet Marketing Company | Local Search Marketing

Last Minute Holiday SEO: Important for Increased Sales, or Just a Simple Plus? – San Antonio Internet Marketing Company | Local Search Marketing

So, here it is, already December, and you’re struggling to boost organic traffic to your website to increase holiday sells. All your procrastinating has left your site unprepared for the soaring Christmas shoppers online. You need to get going and get your last minute holiday SEO in gear. 

Tips for Last Minute Holiday SEO 

Here are three tips to help you prepare your site’s SEO for the influx of holiday-related searches hitting the scene. Get started now, because you only have about three weeks to make those holiday and Christmas sells you’ve been dreaming about all 2017 long: 

1. Register on Google My Business 

If you are a brick-and-mortar company, you must register your business on Google My Business. This is a critical move for your local SEO. Remember, most online searches for products and services take place on mobile devices. You want local consumers searching for what you sell to find your business quickly.  

Make sure to optimize your Google My Business listing. Use SEO keywords you know local consumers use to find your solutions. Also, make sure to add holiday SEO keywords to make it easier for Christmas shoppers to find you.  

2. Tweak Titles & Descriptions for the Holidays 

The titles of your products and services directly impact search rankings. Go through your catalog and make sure all your titles include valuable SEO keywords. Although descriptions don’t affect rankings, they do impact click throughs. So, check each description and make sure it accurately describes the solution. 

For your last minute holiday SEO strategy, come up with descriptions that pull in consumers shopping for Christmas. For example, instead of “these pearls make great gifts,” go with something like “these pearls are on every fashionistas Christmas gift wish list.” 

3. Optimize Your Content for the Holiday Season 

If blogging is a large source of your site’s traffic, make sure to optimize your blog posts for Christmas, New Year’s and the holiday season as a whole. Create content that brings value to the lives of your target customers. But, make sure to infuse last minute holiday SEO keywords… the ones your target market is using in search engines during the holiday season.  

Get Ready for 2018 SEO  

Once January hits, it will be time to tweak your content again for 2018 SEO. That means creating content and optimizing webpages to maximize conversions in 2018.  

Need help getting your site’s last minute holiday SEO or 2018 SEO up and running? Funnel Boost Media of San Antonio, TX will improve your website’s SEO, while increasing traffic and driving sells. You can even get a great deal on a newly designed website for 2018.  

Call Funnel Boost Media at (210) 503-8013 to discuss an SEO strategy for your site. Or, click here now for a free SEO audit today. 

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