Late Night Contends with Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

It seemed as though late-night was going to be all about Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame this week. I was all set to write a story about why the woman who was hospitalized in China for crying too hard probably isn’t true when this clip stopped me in my tracks. For an entire monologue, Stephen Colbert tried to dunk on Joe Biden. But the audience wouldn’t let him.

Have you seen the episode of Pete & Pete where Little Pete and Artie (the Strongest Man in the World) try to beat up the ocean? Incensed that time moves ever forward, Little Pete and Artie punch waves on the Jersey shore. It does nothing, of course. Summer ends, things change, the waves keep coming. That was Colbert trying to stem the tide of clapter that the mere mention of Biden’s name evoked.

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