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In terms of law firm marketing, the online world has proven to be a valuable channel for lawyers and law firms to generate more leads. At present, there are various online marketing strategies available, and these include PPC and SEO.

A lot of lawyers and law firms have benefitted from SEO and PPC. While some focus solely on PPC or SEO, others combine them for better results. But, between attorney SEO and PPC, which can benefit you most?

Lawyer SEO And Its Benefits

Lawyer SEO or search engine optimization is a well-used and classic way to get high search engine ranking naturally. When compared to PPC, it is more time consuming, but its results are worth it. For lawyers and law firms, it can help you get amazing results and can be a better option if you are using highly competitive keywords.

Some of the lawyer SEO benefits are as follows:

  • Long Term Results – Once you do your homework and as long as you’re consistent with your SEO efforts, the results you get will last for many years. To achieve this, you should improve and update content from time to time, particularly if something better pops up in the search engine result pages. Also, if you will share your content and get backlinks from various websites, this can keep your ranks high.
  • Increased Brand Awareness – As one of the innovative marketing strategies for law firms, SEO can be of great help in boosting your brand exposure. Oftentimes, people who have concerns that are related to law search online. If you like to take advantage of this, you should focus on your SEO. You may do this by having informational content that meets the expectations of your possible leads. In the long run, this can make people remember your brand.
  • Free Organic Traffic – Once the pages and content of your website start ranking, you do not need to pay to generate brand impressions and traffic. With effective lawyer SEO, it will offer your website with free organic traffic, saving you from buying paid traffic.
  • Improved Keyword Visibility – Lawyer SEO can help boost the visibility of your keywords at every level of funnel. One of the perks of SEO is that it helps you provide free information to your target audience once they type in your keyword on search engines.

What Is PPC And Its Benefits?

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PPC or pay-per-click is basically what its term implies. You will have to pay for the ads each time someone clicks your Google ads. If you want to boost your website, this is a good option compared to SEO, particularly if you need quick results. But, it’s only downside is that it might cost you a lot of money. However, looking at its bright side, below are some of its benefits:

  • Comprehensive Reporting And Data – In comparison to SEO, PPC lets you see exactly what search terms and keywords convert visitors to leads best, and which perform the worst. It allows for quicker optimization and tuning of your campaigns.
  •  Immediate Visibility – Same with SEO, PPC’s objective is to help you achieve visibility on the first page of search engines and generate website traffic that allows you to gain new leads. With PPC, your website will start showing up on the relevant search queries immediately. Because of this, your new campaigns may give you results easily while enabling you to reach your target audience effectively.
  • Highly Scalable – What makes PPC more beneficial than law firm SEO is that once you have reached your goals with your campaign and you like to gain more results, you can just pay more to scale it. Usually, once the performance reaches a saturation point based on the budget you spent, there are ways to scale campaigns. This is typically achieved through expanding particular limits and constrained criteria on targeting audience.

The Bottom Line

It can be difficult to determine which works better for lawyers and law firms for the reason that SEO and PPC work differently from one business to another. However, both of these can help you secure a top spot in Google.

PPC is much safer and quicker, and may help you gain lots of traffic, but you will need to pay a high price for every click. PPC is great if you need more clients immediately. With SEO, on the other hand, it may take longer for you to see results. It also has a learning curve, but once you have succeeded with it, you’ll be happy with its permanent results and high ROI.

So, if you are still confused between lawyer SEO vs PPC, consider experimenting with both and determine which can offer you the most benefits..


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