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Lawyers and law firms venturing into the digital landscape rec-ognize the benefits of a digital marketing plan that incorporates search engine optimization, Goo-gle ads, and social media. But there are a few key points that lawyers should know before they finalize an overall strategy for their digital approach.

In today’s digital world, law firms have one of the highest costs per click for keywords on Google Ads. Yet because of the sheer number of competitors fighting for visibility, the medium continues to be an at-tractive way to gain new clients.

Solomon Thimothy, CEO of DMA (Digital Marketing Agency) rec-ommends that before lawyers em-bark on a plan of paid Google ads, they should first maximize all that Google gives away for free. Fol-lowing are a few suggestions to ensure maximization of local SEO:

  • Optimize your Google My Business Page from top to bottom
  • Increase visibility by asking customers to leave a review on Google
  • Optimize your website to in-clude schema about your lo-cation and practice areas
  • Create Service Pages to max-imize local visibility for each of your practice areas
  • Connect with all local asso-ciations of which you are a member and ask them to link to your site for relevant local links
  • Track local keyword search-es, impressions and clicks in-side Google Search Console.

Once the law firm has exhausted all of those options, decision mak-ers or digital marketing partners can determine if it is still neces-sary to move forward with paid ads. At that point, a digital plan might include a pay per click strat-egy to increase lead volume. For example, a banner ad that appears on the top of the Google page will bring the law firm to top of mind.

There are also social media strat-egies that may be effective – for example, Facebook ads with spe-cific geographic and demographic targeting, and targeted content that directs online searches to the law-yer’s site.

Remember to build a digital ar-chive of meaningful content – white papers, relevant articles, blog posts and more can be used to bring a well thought out digital marketing plan to life.

About DMA (Digital Marketing Agency): DMA has offices world-wide. An experienced staff of 30 experts identifies and solves on-line marketing issues for business-es who want to effectively market their services online. The Naples office is located at 3510 Kraft Road.

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