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Companies and business houses keep looking for cost-effective and user-friendly Learning Management Systems. The idea is to make things easier for employees. More often than not, it is seen that employees leave a worksheet incomplete just because the User Interface (UI) is complicated. It doesn’t really matter how comprehensive the LMS is. If your target audience cannot use the LMS easily, it’s of no use. 

Keeping the same thought at heart, companies keep searching for innovative Learning Management Systems. An LMS should be able to provide users with a comprehensive solution. Take this for an example: If you want to enhance the knowledge of your employees regarding your company’s work culture, then you need to have worksheets that provide employees with an insight into the company’s beliefs, philosophy, work ethics, etc.

Finding the best user friendly LMS is a real task. The market is flooded with innovative Elearning modules. The moment you step into the market, you’ll find 10,000 different varieties of software. Having ample choices at your disposal is awesome, but having too many choices does make you feel a little overwhelmed. 

Features companies look for in an LMS

1.Blended learning capabilities

Blended learning capabilities offer you the liberty to cater to different kinds of learning needs. Online learners can opt for face-to-face interactions with co-workers. Training resources can be accessed online to create a rich learning experience. The study paths can also be chosen according to an individual’s personal needs. Asynchronous learning mechanisms can also be opted for. Elearning can also be paired with video conferencing to create a rich learning environment.

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2. Customization is key

LMS reports provide you with a comprehensive picture of the learners’ performance and engagement. You can easily ascertain the problems and challenges they are facing. The best thing about an LMS is: It gives you an opportunity to customize worksheets according to the needs and requirements of an individual. Doubts and queries can be cleared using video conferencing tools and online support forums. All of the feedback can then be submitted in real-time. Having an LMS that supports a host of languages is also a great idea. Companies wanting to widen their user base can opt for multilingual Learning Management Systems.

3. E-commerce Support is a must

Companies keep looking out for Learning Management Systems with E-commerce capabilities. These allow businesses to market various Elearning courses in a hassle-free way.  This can be ensured using built-in payment methods (gateways), product URLs and virtual shopping carts. Companies also look out for Learning Management Systems that offer checkout and ‘thank you’ pages that are customizable. Furthermore, eCommerce LMS metrics are equally important. These reports will help you keep track of the click-through rates, conversions, sales figures, etc. 

4. Brand Integration is equally important

Branding is essential. You need to make sure that you’re able to add your company’s logo in each of the slides. The colour scheme and font sizes also need to be finalized. Most importantly, you need to find a space wherein your company’s logo looks prominent. The colour scheme you choose should also be in tandem with your brand’s colour. Before you plan to buy an LMS, it is very important to ensure that it is customizable. The good thing is: A lot of  Elearning systems can be customized according to a company’s needs and requirements. 

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Final words

Having an LMS that provides you with all of the aforementioned features happens is of utmost importance. Above anything else, it is also important to make sure that the LMS you choose is user-friendly. Remember, an LMS is redundant if a user cannot use it with ease.

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