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By Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, August 30, 2019


nwabsryr98iuoThe data-driven approach enables organizations to improve their SEO ranking and broaden their online presence.

FREMONT, CA – The fierce competition in search engine optimization (SEO) has made it imperative to move beyond the standard techniques and adopt the capabilities of data science. It has consequently led to the inception of robust, data-driven approaches designed for gathering and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data.

Organizations often find web analytics and SEO rather challenging. However, it is not only unavoidable, but it is crucial for establishing a lasting online presence. Keywords are one of the essential factors that determine the effectiveness of SEO. When forming keywords, it is advisable to conduct an in-depth analysis of search queries related to products and offerings.

Startup and nascent companies should take caution when choosing keywords with high search volumes, especially since they will have to compete with well-established organizations. They should take a strategic approach, targeting keywords which do not have a strong presence with their competitors.

User behavior metrics and rankings also affect SEO. Hence, organizations have to evaluate how search engines consider user behavior, including factors such as click-through rate (CTR), click on other search results, new search generation, bounce rate, dwell time, time on site, pages per visit, repeat visits, and so on.

The CTR determines the number of clicks received by a result of the number of impressions. The rankings can be viewed on Google Search Console, and the CTR can be compared with the target keyword. One can focus on a particular area where the CTR is below average. The CTRs also depend on brands, locations, queries, and so on.

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Greater dwell time, or the time spent by a user on the page, results in higher search engine ranking. It represents high-quality content, and hence, urges the search engine to increase its rating. The highest-ranking page often has most of the data required by the user, and therefore, they do not need to find alternative pages.

Organizations need to choose the right tools and resources for developing a robust SEO strategy. Precise SEO forecasting requires access to accurate data, and hence, it is imperative to select a useful data collection tool for the process. Investing more in successful areas is often redundant, and it is advisable to focus on weaker areas in the SEO strategy.

Maintaining high quality in data is essential to ensure accuracy in data insights. The incorporation of CRO, content marketing, CX management, and sales in SEO is bringing more complexity into the process. The collaboration between various specialists, including developers, UX designers, sales, and customer support teams, will equip the organizations with the best practices.

The evaluation of variables such as events, sales offers, campaigns, and so on enables data scientists to understand the relationship between the campaigns and KPIs. Conversions will allow organizations to identify critical channels for their website discovery. It will also provide insights regarding the interaction of users with websites when placing orders.

SEO also considers structured data as it enables search engine crawlers to understand the content of the website. It can enhance the presentation of the company’s listings in the SERPS through featured snippets, knowledge graph entries, and so on.

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Organizations can leverage data science techniques to visualize the data. It will enable them to accelerate knowledge discovery, facilitate comparison, identify trends and patterns, and process a large amount of data. Conducting technical audits of the webpage will allow the companies to review page authority, links per page traffic, rankings, and so on.

Organizations have access to potentially unlimited data and resources to enhance their SEO. The integration of visualization strategies with data science will enable them to get better insights, introducing greater precision and accuracy into SEO.  

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