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Clifton, New Jersey based PracticeBloom has recently issued an advisory urging chiropractors to upgrade their SEO and chiropractic marketing strategy online by signing up to their advanced ProfitEngines program.

As noted on the company’s website, PracticeBloom’s ProfitEngines program is a special digital marketing technique that primarily utilizes funnel marketing and retargeting. This program mainly uses social media to attract a steady stream of online visitors to the company’s website landing page.

“By signing up on our ProfitEngines program, we will generate new leads for your business each month and leverage automation nurturing those leads to translate to actual appointments on your calendar. In addition, we will follow up with your new and existing patients to generate positive reviews to continuously build and improve your brand’s online reputation. Most importantly, we will provide you with a transparent and comprehensive report so you can exactly see how your business is performing,” says Matt Coffy from Practice Bloom.

Coffy explains that their ProfitEngines chiropractic marketing program starts by placing original, creative, and unique advertisements on major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. “Our team of SEO experts ensure that all critical parameters such as location, sex, and income status, are considered so that each advertisement effectively reaches your target audience. Furthermore, our Adwords team specializes in creating compelling content to ensure that your chiropractic center will be the first to appear on major search engine results pages (SERPs), including Google and Yahoo search results,” he said.

In addition, he says that a quality website landing page is a crucial element when it comes to chiropractic marketing, because even a single information deficiency may directly translate and result in a loss of money. “We use proven design trends in the chiropractic industry to make sure that your website visitors directly see all relevant information, including operating hours, address and contact numbers, as well as supporting contents like before and after photos, information about staff, FAQs, and more call-to-action sections to continuously engage and capture potential customers’ attention,” he said.

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Meanwhile, PracticeBloom’s ProfitEngines program also utilizes an automated marketing system called Nurture Sequence, which basically sends email reminders to leads with various contents including personal notes from the doctor, patient case studies, informative videos, testimonials from influencers and celebrities. These emails will be sent out to potential leads every other day, and are specially constructed containing clear call-to-action messages to remind them that the next step is to request for an appointment. Moreover, the system automatically shuts itself once a booking is confirmed to prevent sending spam-like messages that may annoy leads that were already converted.

“We also utilize retargeting in our chiropractic marketing program. It is made possible by tracking a script that we will add to your website landing page that allows us to indicate to Facebook and Instagram the exact people that we want to show your ads to,” he said. He also explains that retargeting ads cost a fraction of the price of the regular ads, and recent studies show that people who are retargeted are up to 70% more likely to convert than those who only saw the advertisement once. Those who want to learn more about SEO through retargeting may check out PracticeBloom on DigitalJournal.

Lastly, Coffy says that having an excellent online reputation is a must in a chiropractic marketing plan, but generating a steady flow of up-to-date positive reviews can be quite a challenge. “Our ProfitEngines program automatically follows up with your new patients after their first visit, asking them how their experience was. If a customer responds negatively, the system will send you an alert so that you will have a chance to take preventative measures before the feedback is published on the internet. The system also sends polite requests to satisfied patients for them to leave a positive review on the platform of your choice,” he said.

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Coffy also added that their ProfitEngines program is not just for chiropractors but, in general, can be used by all kinds of health and wellness practitioners as well as medical doctors and physicians.

More information about PracticeBloom and ProfitEngines program can be found on their website. Interested parties may also connect with them on their official Facebook page at to learn more about their current promotions, latest news, and important announcements.


For more information about PracticeBloom, contact the company here:

Matt Coffy
+1 973-947-4500
[email protected]
45 E Madison Ave,
NJ 07011,

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