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Boasting over 1,300 widely recognized international brands advertising on its network and more than half a million publishers promoting those offers, admitad proudly proclaims itself to be the best CPA affiliate network on the Internet today. The Germany-based affiliate network has wored continuously on improving its technology and delivering the best possible ROI for advertiser and publisher alike.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what admitad brings to the table for Internet marketers willing to put in the work for bigger profits.

The Network That Keeps Growing

Originally launched back in 2010, admitad has gone on to expand beyond its main headquarters in Heilbronn to open seven offices around the world, with plans to continue this international expansion moving forward. This ambitious expansion is fueled by the fact that the network has enjoyed six consecutive periods of year-over-year revenue growth of more than 100%.

You’d be hard pressed to find any company in general, let alone an affiliate network in particular, that has experienced that level of sustained growth over a period of six years. This speaks not only to the success that admitad is able to deliver to its advertisers, but also to how lucrative it can be for the publishers who work with them.

This is a global network with the largest volumes coming from Russia, the United States, Western Europe, the UK and India. The brands come from a number of different industries and verticals, leveraging admitad’s flexible in-house platform. They work diligently to work only with legitimate advertisers and publishers, including how they deal with adblock technology.

Technology, Tools and Interface

After signing up for an account with admitad, you naturally gain access to the main affiliate dashboard. You are greeted with an overview of your account, including a 30-day report on earnings, impressions, clicks and actions, as well as your balance details, latest network news, and any program promotions that may be of interest to you.

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You’ll notice that under the balance details section that the green “payout” button features prominently. What’s especially noteworthy here is that unlike most other networks that pay monthly on a net-30 basis, admitad operates on a weekly payment schedule. What’s more, the minimum withdraw threshold is just $10, making it much easier for you to maintain positive cashflow as you continue to promote the offers in the network. Payments can be sent via PayPal, e-payments, or wire transfer.

Also unlike the vast majority of other affiliate networks, admitad doesn’t require publishers to wait for advertisers to be invoiced and pay before they can receive their commissions. Once the conversion has been confirmed, once the transaction has been validated, admitad can release payments to publishers. This faster turnaround is a huge benefit!

It is also through the dashboard, of course, that you’ll be able to find a number of tools for promoting the different offers in the network. These include a deeplink generator, mass coupons, a smart banner rotator (ad server), a link checker, and a tool for domain parking too. Some more advanced technologies include anti-cookie technology, cross-device tracking, lost orders, and fingerprint tracking.

Advertisers and Offers

Some networks can be quite secretive about what they bring to the table. By contrast, admitad is dedicated to full transparency and open communication, which is why you can preview the available offers even before you sign up for an account.

As mentioned, you’ll find offers from well over 1,000 advertisers spanning a variety of geographic regions and industry verticals. Online shops are a big part of the network and they sell many different products. As you browse your way through the list, which is completely sortable and filterable, you’ll find financial offers, mobile offers, online games and adult offers too. If you prefer to use certain promotional tools, you can filter based on those too, like domain parking or deeplinking. You generally need to apply for each program, but approval rates are typically quite high.

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The $30,000 Summer Rally

One advertiser of particular interest, at least for the next couple of months, is AliExpress. The major online retailer based out of China sells a variety of products and they’ve partnered with admitad to launch the Aliexpress Summer Rally 2017 with a total prize fund of $30,000.

Basically, publishers in the network compete against one another in promoting the Aliexpress. There are three stages in total, each one month long, and you earn a point for every dollar you earn. It isn’t that the affiliate who brings in the most money automatically wins, but rather a winner is drawn at random from all those who enter. Increase your sales to increase your chances.

The third stage, from August 15 to September 15, is when you’ll find the highest cash payouts. The winners in each of the five classes will be awarded $5000, $4000, $3000, $2000, and $1000. Check the page or contact your account manager for more details.

With powerful tools, great advertisers, and fast weekly payments, admitad is dedicated to your mutual success.

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