Man who killed USA Today reporter in PCP-fueled crash sentenced to six years in prison

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A District man who admitted to smoking a cigarette dipped in PCP when his car struck and killed a motorcyclist was sentenced Friday to six years in prison.

Daryl Alexander, 47, pleaded guilty in September to voluntary manslaughter in the death of 53-year-old Oren Dorell, a foreign affairs reporter with USA Today.

According to prosecutors, Alexander was driving his Toyota Camry erratically eastbound on H Street NE at about 8:25 p.m. on June 8, 2018, when he struck Dorrell, who was wearing a helmet and driving a green Kawasaki Ninja. A witness reported seeing Alexander’s car strike and run over Dorell, and then continue east before stopping at 13th and H Streets.

When D.C. police arrived, Alexander was still in the car, and several people were banging on the window to get his attention. About 20 people, including civilians and officers, lifted the car off Dorell.

Alexander, who was on probation for driving under the influence of alcohol, was removed from the car and placed in handcuffs. Officers attempted to conduct an initial interview, but Alexander was not coherent or responsive. Officers said they noticed a strong chemical odor consistent with PCP emanating from Alexander and his vehicle. Inside the car, prosecutors said they found a pint-size container of an alcoholic beverage labeled Long Island Iced Tea that was about three-quarters full.

Prosecutors say Alexander later told police that before the crash, he drove to a Chinese restaurant in Southeast, placed an order for food, and then consumed alcohol and smoked a cigarette dipped in PCP in his car. Alexander told police the next thing he remembered was being handcuffed by police. He denied any recollection of driving to H Street or striking a motorcycle.

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Prosecutors and Alexander’s attorney agreed on a prison sentence of between five and six years when Alexander accepted the plea deal. Alexander was sentenced in the D.C. Superior Court by Judge Craig Iscoe, who approved the plea deal. Iscoe also placed Alexander on five years of supervised release.

USA Today reporter Oren Dorell, 53, was struck and killed last year while driving a motorcycle. (Family photo)

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