Marketing Department Roles and Salaries

Marketing has been rapidly evolving, along with technology, including hardware, software, and the online ecosystem.

Marketers’ day-to-day responsibilities, together with what’s expected of marketing departments and marketers, have shifted accordingly. So have marketing skill sets and the structures of marketing teams—as have attendant costs, including marketing salaries.

Headcount is a large part of the cost of running a marketing function. (And, an often overlooked cost of running marketing teams has to do with training and education, as well, which are vital for keeping up skills in a fast-changing environment.)

So how much needs to be budgeted for marketing hires?

LeadMD has compiled salary-range data for a typical small marketing team’s various roles, together with the skill sets and responsibilities for each role, depicting that information in an infographic.

Check out the infographic for the details:

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