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Matt Coffy of PracticeBloom, which specializes in marketing for medical practices, is pleased to announce that they will be celebrating 5 years of existence in 2019, supporting practices in the fast-growing Medical Spa industry. PracticeBloom is dedicated to medical spas and is available to businesses all over the globe, providing a bespoke services to suit their individual needs.

“Medical Spa Practices do not want to have to learn everything about marketing in order to launch or grow their business, they just want someone to help them get the word out for them in all the right places,” said Matt Coffy. PracticeBloom can help practices develop attractive landing pages, effective social media marketing, web design and search engine optimization which are crucial for a successful medical spa website. Leveraging social media alongside a great website is a cost-efficient way to raise awareness for brands and for medical spa practices to get the patients that they need.

Targeted Facebook ads can add profit to any business’s bottom line, particularly when using other social media channels. Knowing how to prepare, set up and manage the project can pay off, whether it is generating Botox leads and appointments, or leveraging video ads to create success for new health applications. PracticeBloom on WorldNow states that PracticeBloom has helped medical spa clients to get $3 Botox leads, which is unheard of in the industry.

“PracticeBloom has developed a mobile application to help our clients understand their positions on the most valuable metrics, so they are always up to date,” stated Matt Coffy. Turning leads into appointments can mean large increases in monthly revenue. For Ethos Spa, PracticeBloom integrated their online booking system helping deliver a $74k monthly revenue stream.

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“Almost every business is partly based on online sales, building brand awareness and providing useful information. For many med spa practices, it is important to ensure that website sales help grow bookings – both on-line as well as call-in customers,” said Matt Coffy. The PracticeBloom marketing for medical spas generate a steady flow of prospective clients and help maintain existing clients and customers.

Studies have shown that online marketing, even for offline businesses, is the best way to reach potential clients and customers. “ProfitEngines with our SEO (search engine optimization) program helps to form a complete online marketing program that will be a success. Online marketing has become the most effective and transparent way to market medical spas,” stated Matt Coffy.

“Funnel Marketing, driven by social media and search traffic is our speciality,” said Matt Coffy. Many people think that marketing is simply a case of posting on Facebook or Instagram and people will find them. “Our medispa marketing has ProfitEngines to provide a specialized marketing strategy designed for medical spas,” stated Matt Coffy.

Social media has become so popular that the most successful businesses are now using social media as a form of advertising. “Social media can be used to gain the attention of med spa patients and clients and help get the word out in an effect and cost-efficient way,” stated Matt Coffy.

PracticeBloom, in offering med spa marketing services, helped Amazingly Ageless who wanted to hit the market with a medical spa look that would grab attention of the people in their local area. “For Amazingly Ageless, PracticeBloom created a really modern look with a great call-to-action program that had appointments lined up for their grand opening!” confirmed Matt Coffy.

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PracticeBloom has developed a proven methodology for medispa marketing, fine-tuned over many years to ensure total satisfaction which helps create and sustain success for any type of medical spa practice. When launching a new application or service, targeting to build business, or simply want to make the current online channels more effective, having the real time update to understand lead conversion to clients is essential,” stated Matt Coffy.

As more customers spend time online, particularly on mobile devices, online marketing is a strategy that companies, regardless of size, can’t afford to overlook. “Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and other social media feeds is more likely to make an impact than spending money solely on television or radio commercials,” said Matt Coffy.

Follow PracticeBloom on LinkedIn at, a direct link to the website which has a full set of frequently asked question any medical spa business might ask. PracticeBloom specialize in Medical Practice Marketing, Healthcare marketing, Med Spa Marketing, Spine Doctor Marketing, Medical Marketing, Chiropractic Marketing, and Plastic Surgeon Marketing.

For further information, contact Matt Coffy, PracticeBloom, Clifton, NJ. Visitors can call directly or by through the contact form from their website.


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