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Metadata (also known as structured data) plays a growing role in how customers and other online audiences get information. Well-defined metadata ensures that digital content is ease-to-locate, is up-to-date, can be targeted to specific needs, and can be re-used for multiple purposes by both the publishers and consumers of the content. Metadata plays a key role in SEO, content licensing, content marketing, social media visibility, analytics, and mobile app design. Metadata is most powerful when it is designed and developed in an integrated manner, where all these roles support each other. Metadata Basics for Web Content is the first comprehensive survey discussing the various kinds of metadata available to support the creation, management, delivery, and assessment of web content. The book is designed to help publishers of web content understand the many benefits of metadata, and identify what they need to do to realize these benefits. Metadata may sound like a specialized technical topic, but it affects everyone who is involved with publishing content online. Effective metadata requires the collaboration of various members of a web team. The book provides insights about metadata will be useful for web team members with different responsibilities, whether they are authors, content strategists, SEOs, web analytics professionals, user experience designers, front-end developers, or marketing experts. The book provides a foundation for publishers to develop integrated requirements relating to web metadata, so that their content can be successful in supporting a diverse range of business goals. Reviews: Laura Creekmore in the ASIS&T Bulletin April/May 2017 “Metadata Basics fully delivers on its promise and then some – it goes beyond the basics that I’ve seen covered elsewhere for sure…Andrews’ book does a lovely job of moving from the basics to a more technical understanding, and it gives you lots of jumping-off points if your work requires a real technical perspective…Michael Andrews’ Metadata Basics for Web Content is a great reference to help you turn your structural concepts into working applications.” Book features: * Extensive diagrams explaining key concepts * Glossary of over 75 important terms * Over 200 footnotes providing additional details and links to tutorials * Simple code examples illustrating concepts discussed. * Links to resources such as important industry standards and software tools About the Author Michael C Andrews is an American IT consultant currently based in Hyderabad, India. He started working with online metadata as a technical information specialist at the US Commerce Department in the 1980s, and was among the first wave of people whose full-time job responsibilities focused on using the Internet to access and manage published content. For the past 15 years he has worked as a consultant in the fields of user experience and content strategy. He’s worked as a senior manager for content strategy with one of the world’s largest digital consultancies, and has advised clients such the National Institutes of Health, Verizon and the World Bank. He has lived and worked in the US, UK, New Zealand, Italy, as well as India. Andrews has an MSc in human computer interaction from the University of Sussex in England, and a Masters with a specialization in international finance from Columbia University in New York. He also has a certificate in XML and RDF Technologies from the Library Juice Academy.

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