[ METHOD] How To Generate Unlimited Unique & Readable Articles ( NEVER PAY FOR ARTICLES AGAIN )

Hey Lovely BHW Folks,

Today I want to share with you guys how I generate Unlimited Unique & Readable Content for my PPC Landing Pages or anytime I need Unique Article for any of Marketing Stuff.

You can use this method for writing an article for medium/Tumblr, Reddit, Social Media, PBN, your website/lander, even give an answer for Quora Questions or anything you can Imagine.

We are not just Generate Unique Article – It will also Readable. And The best part is you can do it unlimited time – when you need it.

So let’s get started:

In this tutorial, we will generate targeting ” How to Lose Weight”

1st – Go to Google Translate



On the left side write “How to Lose Weight” and translate it with any language you want. ex: French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, etc.

2nd – Search on Google with your generated language.


3rd — Now “Right Click on your mouse” and select “Translate to English”


4th — Go to any website you like.


5th — Right Click on your mouse again & click “Translate To English”


6th — Now Copy the Article to a Notepad or Word file

7th — Head over To QuilBot for Rewrite the Article ( This is an awesome AI tool with high Accuracy )

With Free version, you can Rewrite 400 Characters at a time. 1st put your first 400 Characters and hit “Quil It” ( If you don’t like with the result you can Requill it again )

Then the next 400 and so on. This way you can rewrite your full article.

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8th — When Rewriting your full article is done, Now go to PLAGIARISM CHECKER to check content uniqueness



Copy your full article & paste it to plagiarism checker box & click ” Check Plagiarism”


After Checking the result we got 100% Unique Article. ( YAY!! ) :D


9th — Now Copy your Unique Article & Head over to Hemingway App !! ( It will check content Readability )



Paste the article on Hemingway App’s box & it will give you a score about your article.


In this situation, we got Grade 7 & it looks good. ;)

If you are not happy with the grade you can edit the article with their suggestions & can improve your Grade.

10th — Check your Article with Grammarly, It will correct any Grmmartical error if you have. Also must install Grammarly Browser Extension,
t will automatically correct your Grammar when you write something :)



Grammarly Chrome Browser Extension



Grammarly Firefox Browser Extension:



Great!! Now you know how to generate unique & readable articles. Hopefully, you will never ever face any problem for a unique article again. ;)

Extra Tip: If you want to post any review content/comment or anything else. just use SUMMRY.

It will summarise full article or sales page for you!!

That’s all for Today!! Hope it Helps !! Have a Great day Guys!!

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