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Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio, has published a new guide for business owners and professionals who want to know how to be a LinkedIn marketing expert. Because LinkedIn is one of the leading social networking sites out there, it’s common for business owners to want to be better at LinkedIn marketing. Marko’s article aims to help them with that.

As a marketing expert, Marko claims that he doesn’t want other business owners to waste the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer. He also knows that a lot of business owners need help understanding how they can create a better LinkedIn marketing strategy. This is the reason he wrote a blog about what business owners should know in order to become experts in LinkedIn marketing.

“It makes sense to market your business on LinkedIn because this platform was tailor-made for businesses and professionals,” says Marko. “You would be missing out if you don’t market your business on LinkedIn, or if you don’t know how to properly do it. But if you’re struggling, you shouldn’t worry, either. That’s because you can’t become an expert in something overnight—especially not a LinkedIn marketing expert. Don’t expect to be churning out expert LinkedIn marketing campaigns or content right off the bat. Becoming an expert takes time and practice… although you can shorten the time required by following the tips in my article.”

The first thing that Marko tells his readers to do is to complete their LinkedIn profiles. According to him, their LinkedIn profiles will be responsible for making the first impression others have of them on the platform. This first impression can then dictate whether visitors will stay on their business profiles or not. Marko’s foolproof tip to giving a good first impression is by making sure a LinkedIn business page looks professional. After all, LinkedIn is filled with professionals.

Marko says that business owners also need to remember that their business page has to have complete details about their business. Marko says that ensuring this provides customers with more insight about a business and can also assure them of its legitimacy. Providing complete details can also help customers reach out to businesses easier. That’s why he advises business owners to be meticulous when filling out this information.

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Another tip that Marko talks about is making sure that a business owner’s LinkedIn marketing plan includes knowing their audience and their own business goals. According to him, these goals are fundamental for setting up a marketing strategy. Without these goals, a business owners’ marketing efforts may meander uselessly.

It is for the same reason that Marko insists on business owners having a clear idea of their target audience. Marko says that defining a target audience can help business owners focus on their online marketing strategies better. According to him, doing so will help business owners avoid mindlessly producing content that is too general to speak to their ideal audience.

Next, Marko mentions that business owners should always remember to publish and share valuable content for their followers. Aspiring LinkedIn marketing experts need to be consistent with this, too. According to Marko, it isn’t enough to have an audience engage with a business once. He tells his readers that the goal isn’t to spam their readers. Rather, it’s to constantly remind them of their business in a way that also offers value to the consumer. If done correctly, he says that a business can be recalled whenever their audience thinks about a topic closely related to the business.

Marko also adds that posting multimedia content can be a great way to encourage engagement from an audience. This is because LinkedIn posts with photos or other types of media actually get a lot more engagement on LinkedIn.

“Multimedia content isn’t plain, so it’s eye-catching,” says Marko. “Since it’s eye-catching, you can bet that your audience will pay more attention to it. At the same time, photos and videos can cram in more information about your business in a form that isn’t as overwhelming as a wall of text.”

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Next, Marko mentions that any LinkedIn marketing strategy still needs a touch of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. He says that SEO isn’t exclusive for websites anymore because business owners should also aim to have their social media pages rank high on search engine result pages or SERPs. So, Marko advises his readers to continue to implement SEO in their social media pages.

Lastly, Marko talks about the importance of LinkedIn ads. According to him, LinkedIn Ads can make use of advanced targeting features to reach a marketer’s target audience. Business owners can even choose between three different types of LinkedIn ads that he discusses in detail in his blog.

Marko is also eager to help out business owners who need a hand with different aspects, such as business growth. Fortunately, Marko and his team at IM Consultant Services can provide services that range from handling social media marketing strategies to designing websites.

If a business owner wants to take a small step into their services, Marko also offers free consultations that can last for 30-60 minutes. With this free consultation, Marko can provide helpful tips to help business owners manage their business and marketing strategy better.

However, if professionals just want to read more business tips, for now, Marko recommends that they visit his website. In his website, they can find numerous blogs that can be helpful to shed light on common problems that business owners deal with. Business owners who then decide to hire him can contact him through his website, as well.


For more information about IM Consultant Services, contact the company here:

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Cincinnati, OH 45262

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