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Mike Marko, founder, and owner of Cincinnati, Ohio-based IM Consultant Services announced that he has recently published a blog post on common SEO mistakes made by consultants and small business owners. He says that this new blog post will help many people clearly understand how to execute a successful SEO plan.

According to Marko, If a website is failing to bring new customers or clients, there’s a high probability that it’s not properly optimized for Google. That’s the common mistake that consultants and small businesses often make. They are not giving sufficient importance to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Poor SEO is not always a serious problem because businesses can always hire an SEO company. The SEO company will handle all the SEO-related tasks for a business and can help business owners avoid common SEO mistakes. However, not all businesses can afford to hire an SEO company.

Marko says that he’s aware of this situation. That’s why he’s releasing SEO-related blog posts to help business owners succeed with their online marketing. Moreover, he says that anyone can build a website, but it takes someone who knows what they are doing in order for the website to get results. That’s how his blog posts help.

Marko starts his new blog post by explaining what SEO is. He says that this is so his readers can easily understand the things he’s saying. According to him, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of making a webpage rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) with the aim of getting it a lot of high-quality traffic.

Marko notes that most websites are not optimized properly. Sometimes, this is true even if an SEO company is already handling a website, which Marko attributes to inexperience in the SEO company involved. But before making any changes to fix such cases, Marko says that it’s important to reevaluate SEO first. This can help in figuring out what went wrong with the SEO.

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According to Marko’s new blog post about SEO, the optimization process is changing regularly. The process of SEO depends on the updates of search engines like Google, so the elements of a website must adapt to any changes made to the algorithm of the search engine.

Having said that, Marko claims that it’s more likely that mistakes in SEO involve the usual on-site elements. An optimized website should contain all the important information about the brand, and that’s something Marko says many business owners forget when creating their sites. The “About Us” tab on the website should contain details such as location, contact information, and a short description of the company.

The website itself should contain relevant keywords and phrases too for SEO purposes. Marko notes that this can help in increasing the visibility of the website on the Internet. Furthermore, Marko says that the keywords should be used properly, especially in the website’s content. The website should have the proper structure so search engines can find it easily.

According to Marko, a website should have at least a 300-word blog post to make it look legitimate. But to get the best possible rank in search results, the blog posts should contain 600-1200 words. The keyword for the content should be placed strategically throughout the content to make it more effective. Most website owners don’t do this, and Marko advises his readers to avoid making a similar mistake.

Along with that, many websites are not using images. This is a common mistake that every business owner and online marketer should avoid. Marko states that images can also increase a website’s visibility on the Internet because they can be used to break long columns of text on a website.

Marko says that every business with an online presence should post content regularly. This is needed to maintain or improve its rank in the search results pages. Google doesn’t just rank websites based on the quality of their content. It also considers how often content is posted, because it indicates how active (and thus, likely to be current and relevant) a website is.

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According to Marko, a website’s rank might go down if they’re not active as their competitor. That’s why not posting regularly is one of the common mistakes made by businesses owners. Marko reminds his readers in his blog post to avoid increasing the gap between their posts. It’s important to post relevant content on a regular basis to improve a website’s ranking. Along with that, he says that the posts should be relevant and related to the business owner’s industry.

To end his blog post, Marko says that not maintaining the SEO is the last mistake to avoid. The optimization made on the website may have to be changed when Google updates its algorithm. That’s since some SEO techniques won’t work anymore after an update. That’s why it’s important to maintain and update a website, including its backlinks. Google partially determines the rank of a website based on its backlinks because it’s an indication that a website is providing high-quality content.

Those who are interested in learning all about SEO or how to do digital marketing can follow Marko to his website. He regularly publishes new blog posts there. All of his blog posts are useful for online marketing. Moreover, he says that anyone who is looking for qualified and experienced SEO and similar services can come to him and his team. Marko and IM Consultant Services are willing to schedule consultations with business owners in need of assistance.


For more information about IM Consultant Services, contact the company here:

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