MilesWeb Review - Affordable WordPress Hosting to Speed Up your Site

MilesWeb Review – Affordable WordPress Hosting to Speed Up your Site

Are you planning to go digital with your existing business?

If yes, you must be aware that you will require web hosting services for your website. Web hosting services help publish the site online. If it doesn’t have a hosting service, the website will have no existence.

If you are yet to create a beautiful website, I suggest you use WordPress. WordPress websites are easy to create and manage. It doesn’t require coding and can use free or premium themes for the same.

WordPress is a CMS application that allows the creation of pretty websites. Millions of users have websites on WordPress as it makes work easy and hassle-free. If you opt for WordPress websites, you will not require too much technical knowledge.

Moreover, you can learn the little skills required. Everything is free on the internet. It won’t take much time.

But, for existing on the internet, you will need hosting services. Your business will be visible only when it is published online. Otherwise, no visitor will be able to find it.

For WordPress sites, you will require WordPress hosting. You can even host on shared hosting, but WordPress hosting is more efficient for the platform.

Initially, websites do not have that many requirements. Shared hosting or WordPress hosting works well for them. And WordPress hosting is specially created for WordPress based sites.

The configuration and installation process is simple here. You don’t need to do it manually. All features are configured for the platform, and you can directly install the plugins.

Another reason to use WordPress hosting is it is exclusively for WordPress sites. That means you also get several speed-up features and best-in-class applications to install.

In case you already have a WordPress website, you can buy WordPress hosting. The switching to WordPress hosting will enhance the performance and speed of your website.

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Which Hosting Company is Best for WordPress Hosting?

You can go for MilesWeb web hosting services. They are not only inexpensive but also offers the best quality services.

MilesWeb has been serving thousands of WordPress clients every month. They offer all required resources with their WordPress plans.

There are three plans under WordPress hosting. They are as such – Solo, Prime and Multi, and all these plans are affordable. You can receive them at huge discounts.

The Solo plan under WordPress hosting costs only Rs.60/m after an 70% off. There are terms and conditions to avail of the discount, but it is worth every penny.

You will have all resources in the Solo plan. If you are a beginner, the Solo plan will work best. You can host one website, have 1 GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, a control panel, etc.

All plans have all features. You don’t compromise on any resource. The difference is only that with Multi and Prime plans, you get expandable resources.

If you have a medium-sized business, Prime will work well. It will cost you Rs.195/m after the discount. It also lets the user host one website.

However, if you have many small to medium-sized businesses/websites, you can opt for Multi WordPress hosting plan. The Multi package allows unlimited hosting. So, you can host all your websites on the server.

Apart from this MilesWeb provides other services like shared, dedicated, cloud, VPS, reseller and cPanel hosting.

Plus, if you have client’s you can permit them to rent on your server.

Does MilesWeb Offer Support?

Yes, you will get 24/7 assistance from MilesWeb’s expert team. Their support team helps resolve queries via chat or email, so you can reach them any time you wish.

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What if I am Not Content with the Service?

The host offers a 30days money-back guarantee. I am sure you will not have to exit the WordPress hosting plan. But, if there’s a need, you can contact their team. MilesWeb’s team will initiate the refund if contacted within the first 30days.

What is the Uptime Offered by MilesWeb?

MilesWeb pledges to provide a network uptime of 99.95%. The availability of your website is equally their responsibility. You will have a better user experience and good performing website.

What More Can I Expect?

Free Domain

MilesWeb offers a free .com domain with Prime and Multi packages. The deal is to buy any plan for at least one/three years to get the offer.

If you purchase for the required year, you can get a free domain for the first year.

Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb gives its users one free SSL certificate with all WordPress hosting plans. It will help protect your website content and server from malicious activities.

An SSL will also provide a safe browsing space to visitors. That will increase the legitimacy of the brand.

Website Builder

You get a free website builder with WordPress hosting services. This tool you can use to create free sites. It has simple to use functions like the drag and drop functionality.

1-Click Installer

You get a 1-click installer that will help you install more than 400 applications in one click.


WordPress websites are easy to create and manage. Its functionality is simple. That is why most users on the internet have WordPress websites.

WordPress hosting works well for such websites. It offers enhanced speed and performance. Plus, MilesWeb provides inexpensive services so, you will have the ideal experience.

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