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Over the years, ESOMAR has been a strong supporter of helping young professionals enter the market research industry. At this year’s Global Data and Insights Summit in Edinburgh, we were thrilled to have six students from around the world help out and immerse themselves in the conference. One has decided to write about his experience. Jack Curry was our YES Press representative, and here is the final in his two-part series about ESOMAR’s Global Data and Insights Summit 2019.

Attending the Data and Insights Congress in Edinburgh this year gave me the opportunity to not only attend fascinating presentations, but also meet new people and have a great time! I was part of the Young ESOMAR Society (YES) Student programme, capturing the experience of young professionals attending for the first time. For those looking to get involved in YES you can find out more here.

As well as
going to see presentations — documented in my first article — there was so much more to experience. From
working around the conference centre between presentations to a live band at the
Edinburgh museum there was never a quiet moment. I have to say by the end of
the conference I was exhausted (but in a good way).

So, here are my
highlights of the moments between presentations at ESOMAR’s Data and Insights
Summit 2019.

On the floor

With over 80
speakers from more than 80 countries spread across three days, it is safe to
say you could have simply sat at one of the three stages and soaked up all there
was to offer, but there was still plenty to do throughout the whole venue.

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The opportunity
to speak to people within the sector, especially when you’re looking to get
tips on how to enter it, is one that you can’t miss. The advice I was given
over the course of the summit has helped me to land my first job in the
industry, and I could honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to do it without
the guidance I was given throughout the event.

In addition to
being able to talk with people throughout the event, the exhibition stands gave
an opportunity to see some of the cutting-edge methodologies and technologies
on offer, and the black box had many interesting talks that you could pop in
and out of, having grabbed a bite to eat.

Party: A Night at the Museum

One of the highlights of the event
wasn’t even in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. The National
Museum of Scotland hosted an unforgettable night that promised “pre-drinks, a
food tour around the world, music, dance and… a lot of surprises!”. They
weren’t wrong!

With acrobats swinging from the
ceiling on long silk sheets and a Scottish pipe band marching onto the
dancefloor, as well as a great cover band, the surprises weren’t in short

There was also the chance to get a
night time guided tour around the museum, exploring the 5 objects that helped
to shape Scotland. As can be seen in the highlight video the night had so much to offer. Even though the
following day may have seen a number of sore heads, it was worth it for a fun
night, and the rendition of Auld Lang Syne at the closing ceremony showed the
attendees were still able to continue the party.

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Behind the scenes

As part of my
YES press experience was helping out behind the scenes, it became clear just
how much effort was going into making the event a success, and yet everyone was
still working with a smile on their face. Despite only being there for four
days it felt like we were all one big research family, and that even extended
to the attendees.

My fellow YES
student participants were all very bright and enthusiastic, I’m sure you saw us
around the conference centre with our vividly coloured t-shirts, and I’m sure
they would all agree that the Young ESOMAR Society is a perfect opportunity for
those who have recently graduated and are looking to get into the industry.

Picture 3

have many more surprises up their sleeves for Toronto next year, and I for one
hope to see you all there!

You can get early bird tickets for the Data and Insights Summit in Toronto next year here.

Does YES peak your interest? Want to be a part of the community? Or know someone who would? Be sure to check out the YES website and get yourself and/or colleagues 30 and under involved! Speaking, competing for an award, programme committees, becoming published, volunteering as a student…it’s all possible with YES!

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