Most marketers understands what sales need from them

sales marketing integration
sales marketing integration
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Chart of the day: Most marketers are empowered to collaborate with sales

Research has found that marketing and sales are aligning more than ever, sharing insights and metrics. The study shows marketers usually understand what sales need from them.

The positive results from Salesforce show:

  • Marketers understand how they impact individual customers.
  • Marketers believe they send high-quality leads for the most part and marketing and sales share common goals and metrics.
  • They both also share data and imp[ortantly marketers understand what sales need to succeed and how they can assist with that.

The results suggest that sales and marketing metrics and goals are aligning, that they have regular communication and empathy for each other. In turn, supporting each other to succeed. This research is very positive for the effect marketing has on sales, in supporting their efforts. Perhaps marketers are now targeted on leads, quality of leads and how they actively impact sales. Whatever the reason, it’s a good thing for both sales and marketing.

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