Motherbirth with Mellisa Reeves

Have you been waiting to hear more about Chase’s better half’s business? What exactly is Motherbirth and how did Mellisa Reeves go about starting her company?

This episode is all about Mellisa and the business she started centering around helping and fostering meaningful maternal dialogues. Mellisa is here today, talking to Chase and unpacking her journey before and after launching her own company.

We discuss the inspiration behind her work, her job in real estate before branching out and the ideas and values that are the foundation of what she does. A big takeaway from the episode is the idea of the slow-burn approach and Chase and Mellisa really flesh out this great concept.

We also talk about charging for a service aimed at people in pain, self-awareness, content creation and getting away from the information overload.

So for all this and more, join Mellisa and Chase for an extra special episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some information on what Motherbirth is about. [0:05:40.2]
  • The reasons that underpin Mellisa’s work with her company and podcast. [0:07:52.6]
  • Turning a passion into a profit and balancing the pressure. [0:10:56.2]
  • Gauging your own inner compass of connection to what is most important. [0:14:02.1]
  • The concept of slow-burn progress and the sustainability it provides. [0:17:44.6]
  • A lesson we can all learn from bacteria! [0:22:20.3]
  • The catalyzing factors in developing the Motherbirth course. [0:31:20.6]
  • What sparked the idea of Mellisa’s motherhood coaching. [0:32:21.4]
  • Making peace with charging people who are in pain. [0:38:29.3]
  • The first steps in developing the group coaching and course. [0:40:01.2]
  • The way Mellisa managed creating the content for each week of her course. [0:46:30.8]
  • The technical skills that Mellisa picked up along the way. [0:49:25.9]
  • Avoiding the entrepreneurial inclination to fiddle endlessly. [0:52:39.6]
  • Why this process of fiddling is so enticing. [0:55:39.6]
  • Mellisa’s policy on lessening the amount of unhealthy kinds of information. [0:57:59.6]
  • And much more!

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