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February 7, 2018, marks the release of a brand new course in the Yoast Academy: Multilingual SEO. The Multilingual SEO training is for every site owner, developer or SEO who targets people in various locales and languages. The time-limited introductory price will be $169. After a week, it will go to its regular price of $199. Don’t miss this great Multilingual SEO course!

Loads of sites target consumers from other countries. Sometimes these consumers even speak another language. Targeting these customers with a well-thought-out SEO strategy takes some work, and many sites fail to deliver. Wouldn’t it be great to get some help reaching those customers in other countries? We know it can be a struggle setting everything up correctly so we’d like to help you. That’s why, on February 7, we’re launching the Multilingual SEO course.

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According to Yoast founder and CEO Joost de Valk, many sites make mistakes when implementing the hreflang standard. The new Multilingual SEO training by Yoast makes hreflang easy to grasp and gives a step-by-step guide to implement hreflang correctly.

We’ll also teach you how to set up and maintain a multilingual keyword research strategy. Also, users get practical tips to transfer original content from one language to the next and to pick the domain name that fits their goals best.

The Multilingual SEO course will have an introductory price of $169. The regular price will be $199.

The Multilingual SEO training has over 2 hours of video, loads of reading material and interactive quizzes to educate users on every major issue surrounding multilingual and multiregional SEO. It will take about 12 hours to complete the full training program.

What will you learn in the Multilingual SEO training?

  • How to make sure you use the keywords that your audience is searching for in a specific language.
  • To write and adapt SEO optimized copy for various languages.
  • How to target specific audiences in specific regions and countries
  • To pick the optimal domain structure for your situation
  • Tell Google what variation of a page people from which country should be directed to.

Who is the Multilingual SEO course for?

  • Everyone who is operating – or looking to operate – a multilingual site
  • You maintain sites, blogs or online shops for clients or you have your own
  • You have a technical background, or you don’t – doesn’t matter!
  • It also doesn’t matter if you use WordPress or another CMS

And here’s a brief overview of the contents:

1. Introduction

  • What does Google do
  • Holistic SEO

2. Keywords and content

  • Keyword research, international keyword research.
  • Copywriting, multilingual copywriting, transcreating content

3. Domain structure

  • TLDs
  • Subdirectories and subdomains
  • Targeting multiple languages within a country

4. Hreflang

  • Hreflang basics
  • Implementation elements converning hreflang
  • Hreflang implementation choices
  • Hreflang risks & maintenance

The Multilingual SEO training will be launched on February 7, 2018. Sign up for our newsletter and receive a message when it is available to buy.

Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know when it’s available! »

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