My Simple Live Video Setup for Mac

In 2019, I intend to deliver quite a lot of video as part of my media making. This includes live video on YouTube as well as uploaded videos to other content platforms. If you want my simple live video setup for Mac, here’s what I’m using. (By the way, the only part that is Mac specific is the actual video making software.)

My Simple Live Video Setup for Mac

Software – I’m using Ecamm Live. I love this software because it allows me to use multiple cameras, multiple views, links to Facebook Live and YouTube Live AND lets me record a local copy of every video that I can upload to other places like LinkedIn after the fact. Ecamm Live is simple, super affordable, and works smoothly on a Mac. (Note: I’ve had past business dealings with this company and the owners are friends.)

Webcam – I took a chance and bought a no-name brand Chinese webcam and it has worked beautifully for me. I have used it for over a year and I’ve never had a problem. I also picked up this little mini tripod and this sits on my desk.

Microphone – I just picked up the Blue Yeti Nano in Shadow Gray (few other color choices). It’s a smaller and more condensed version of the regular Yeti. I’ve used Blue brand microphones for about ten or more years now and they never cause me an issue. I also picked up this boom stand to go with it. That is clamped onto the side of my desk and works wonders.

Lighting – I’m not super great with lighting, but I purchased two of these lights and also two light stands for those. To do it again, I might consider this kind of light instead.

And that’s my basic setup.

My Process

When I get ready to do a live video, I announce that I will be doing so on both Twitter and Facebook, and then I open up Ecamm Live. I turn on both lights, make sure my mic and camera are plugged into the USB slots on my Mac. I double check that I’ve got the software set to broadcast live to YouTube (and keep a local copy on my machine). I check that the mic is on and not muted. I check that I’m in the camera frame.

I review my notes (usually a list of bullet points I want to hit during the recording), and then I take a big drink of water. I double check that all alarms are off on any devices. I turn my phone to silent. I make sure the AC/heat won’t come on. I stick a “recording” sign on my door so neighbors don’t screw up my recording effort (I live in a factory building).

I then hit broadcast, and start talking.

Make This Your Year of Video

The setup I showed you up top isn’t expensive, particularly. Everything in it is attainable over time. But don’t let that stop you. Even if all you have is your smartphone or a point and shoot camera that shoots video, get started making video. It’s pretty important to create more material for that medium.

Want to See A Sample?

Here’s an example of me using this setup:

And if you get stuck, I’m always here to help.

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