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Repurposing content is standard practice in the marketing industry and it is not necessarily a bad practice. Putting a new spin on stale content to give it new life is often recommended, especially if the old material has worked effectively in the past.

It also works well for information that has served a different purpose in the past, and changes in circumstances make repurposing a good idea.

Repurposing can also mean repackaging marketing content to appeal to a different consumer group. Take for example consumer tips on housekeeping. Let’s say the original material was a blog detailing ways to keep a kitchen neat and organized and it is written in an expository form, sentence by sentence, and paragraph by paragraph. This style of writing may have been common a decade ago but today – when fast delivery and instant gratification is the norm with internet content – this style will come off as dense and busy. To repurpose it for today’s readers, take the salient ideas of the original work and present them again as an easy to read listicle.

Repackaging old blogs to reach a new audience is just one reason for repurposing marketing content. Old content can be presented differently to reinforce an idea without sounding too repetitive. Repurposing marketing content into different formats or channeling it through different platforms can improve organic visibility and drive traffic.

When it comes to applying content development techniques, one marketing agency is particularly well-versed and that is My Success Agency.

My Success Agency is an online provider of digital marketing solutions. One of the ways it promotes a brand is through content repurposing. This particular style of content creation is well suited for clients that have already built a body of marketing work and wish to either reach a wider audience, put great importance on brand identity and marketing language consistency, or have a quick and efficient promotional boost.

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My Success Agency can easily apply this type of content re-creation with any of its service packages. It offers a good variety of these services.

With its Website Optimization Package, My Success Agency can modernize the look of a dated website but still retain original stylistic elements. It does this with a good balance of the old and the new, inviting new users into the fold without alienating loyal customers. Injecting new life into a website does not have to require adopting jarring changes. Stylistic and functional updates are always more recommendable.

My Success Agency can also “digitize” real-world marketing assets as materials for new website building and content creation. From direct translation of a marketing language crossing different channels and platforms to creating originals that are thematically inspired, My Success Agency has the necessary skills and experience to execute such a challenging creative objective.

My Success Agency can apply client required market content repurposing in its higher tier service packages. For example, for its Advance Site Creation and Marketing Package, My Success Agency can tweak and republish used content in aide of search engine optimization measures. Such measures include ensuring that a client’s website has updates, its contents have better keyword relevance, and new cross-links are applied. These are effective ways to repurpose content to make a website more visible to the algorithms of search engines.

My Success Agency can also perform the technique in the application of its most premium marketing service package, Ultra Site Creation and Marketing. This all-in-one package includes the creation of a full-featured website with optimized content integrated with a click-funnel design. It also includes the design and implementation of online press releases, affiliate recommendations, pay-per-click advertising, and social media management.

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Perhaps what gives this package the highest value is that it includes three one-hour executive coaching sessions to tackle critical business concerns like goal setting, process guidance, and brand management, performance evaluation, maintaining motivation, growth planning, and content creation. My Success Agency can apply content repurposing techniques to any of these goals.

Whether repurposing old content or creating something truly new and original, My Success Agency has the necessary creative skills to meet client demands and specifications. Whatever works best has always been My Success Agency’s creative mantra.

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