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The Power Of Social

Social media has been a huge game changer for businesses by offering a cheap, simple way to reach more people. Hundreds of tips and tricks to leverage these platforms are available throughout the internet.

However, many myths have manifested along with these helpful tips, creating costly misunderstandings. It’s time to dispel these misconceptions so your company can make the most of your social media campaigns.

1. Social Media Is A Time Hog

Spending hours a day on social platforms might be tempting, but is completely unnecessary. Time spent endlessly browsing and replying to comments is time wasted. Daily efforts should be limited to 15-30 minutes a day maximum. This might seem too little time to communicate with your followers, but your audience understands you can’t be available 24/7. Let them know when you will be online, and invite followers to periodic chats. Devoting longer sessions on a regular basis where thoughts are guaranteed to be heard solves the communication problem without consuming precious time.

2. A Place For the Sales Pitch

Social engagement is the key focus for these channels, to reach out and connect with your audience. Blasting followers with promotional material and sales pitches won’t provide opportunities for them to communicate with you. Surveys, giveaways and regular discussions are better ways to get them involved.

3. Can’t Measure ROI

This is an important myth to bust, because ROI is critical to any marketing effort. How can you know whether your campaign was successful if you can’t measure the return? While some platforms provide some general data on the reach of your posts, it’s no substitute for detailed tracking. By using proper tracking techniques with unique links, ROI becomes completely measurable. Don’t post blindly and hope for the best.

4. Must Be On All Platforms

The benefit of being available on all popular streams is a popular misconception. Spreading your efforts across multiple platforms reduces the effectiveness of your engagement. Use your resources wisely by determining where your target audience spends time on the internet. Choose the most popular platform for your audience and focus on the primary goal: developing a relationship with your followers.

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5. Face-To-Face Made Obsolete

Nothing can replace real-world interaction in personal relationships. The same is true for businesses. As a company, engaging customers and encouraging them to connect with your brand is an important factor in creating loyalty. Networking strategies and reaching out to your audience on a personal level are irreplaceable marketing tactics. Don’t abandon these methods to rely solely on social media.

6. More Followers = Greater Success 

The measure of success on social media is all about engagement. Your company could have thousands of followers, but low engagement. Fewer followers with high involvement is ultimately more successful by comparison. Loyal, engaged followers are more valuable than distant, disinterested ones.

7. Become A Viral Success 

Though any given post may have the potential to become viral, there’s little guarantee of any particular strategy being a viral success. Purposefully creating viral content is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Set more realistic goals for steady growth instead of relying on the “viral miracle.” If you’re lucky enough for viral success to happen, it will build on the strategic efforts of your social media campaigns.

8. Social Media Is Free

Just because it doesn’t cost money to join doesn’t mean it’s free. Developing campaigns and responding to customers is an investment of time, if not dollars. Unless as CEO you intend to do all the work yourself (and you might initially), employees will cost money. Additionally, most platforms provide paid posting options to expand your reach. Budget both time and money you are willing to spend on social media campaigns.

9. Need Lots Of Content To Post

Social media is a fast-paced environment, and a single post can easily get lost in the crowd. While new content is important, not all your posts need to be fresh. Evergreen content can be reused instead of generating tons of new content. It is very likely many followers missed the first post or forgot about it. While posting the same thing every day isn’t recommended, a monthly reminder post can bulk up your social media efforts.

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10. “Build It And They Will Come”

Signing up might be easy, but successfully using social media as a marketing strategy for business requires a lot of planning and forethought. Consider your target audience and how best to encourage them to get involved. Loyal followers take effort, and need to know how to find your channels. Connect your social network to your website and emails to bring them into the discussion.

11. Hashtags Are Good Or Bad

Different sources take opposing sides on the subject of hashtags. The truth is, they are both right and wrong. Using too many or using the wrong hashtags is definitely a bad idea. Research a hashtag before you use it, and make sure it represents what you expect. Being smart and sparing about hashtag usage can be a useful tool to reach people unfamiliar with your brand.

12. My Target Market Isn’t Social

With so many people using social media for personal use, it is unlikely to find a dedicated group that isn’t active somewhere. However, it is possible there isn’t a popular following for your market on a social platform yet. Use your website and marketing campaigns to guide visitors to your channel and that very well may change over time.

Final Thoughts

Using social media to grow your business is lucrative when expectations are realistic and informed. Challenge your beliefs about how these platforms work and stay updated on the truth. Remember to track the results and use the data to improve your campaign efforts. At the end of the day, social media is like any other marketing tactic; plan effectively and you will see results.

If you need support with your social campaign, or you need help getting one started, contact Level343. We’ll help you connect the dots.

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