Nearly 80% of consumers would end brand relationship over unauthorized data usage

As we approach implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and brace for its repercussions in the US, privacy is on the minds of many brands and marketers. A new survey from SAP Hybris finds that a majority of US consumers (71 percent) will share their personal information but are also concerned about privacy and data protection.

The study reflects that US consumers are fairly discriminating and want specific things in return for their data. And 29 percent of the study respondents were unwilling to share their data for any reason.

There is a hierarchy of personal information that consumers will share, according to the survey. They are most willing to share email address (52 percent), followed by shopping history (37) and mobile phone number (25 percent). Interestingly, only 19 percent were willing to share their “real-time location,” though that data is currently being tracked anonymously on a mass scale.

Percentages willing to provide personal information 

At the bottom of the “willing to share list” were personal financial information (3 percent), Social Security numbers (3 percent) and access to social media accounts (9 percent). Separate survey data argue consumers will share location in exchange for clear benefits, like discounts or better shopping experiences.

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