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Netflix today revealed the latest update to its platform, in which it’ll serve alerts when a show you’re interested in is available. This comes on the heels of backlash over a change in show release schedules (which wasn’t actually a change), so it’s fortuitous the site will now remind people that yes, they actually can go binge-watch a cool new show that just dropped.

The platform now has a “Latest” tab, in which it’ll show three separate sections for shows that have just been released, shows that are to be released in the current week, and shows that are due the following week. For each show that’s not yet available, users can select “Remind Me” in order to get a notification when the show is ready for streaming. It’s a handy feature.

And it’s good for Netflix to remind everyone just how it releases shows — namely, all at once — considering a persistent rumor to the contrary.

Netflix recently had what could be described as a “miscommunication” with its fans. A rumor started that the site would stagger the releases of show episodes week-by-week, rather than dropping them all at once. This supposed “death of binge-watching” was seen by many as a major misstep among fans, for whom binging new shows is practically the only way to use Netflix.

The reason this rumor took hold was because Disney announced that its Disney+ streaming service would be doing the same thing. It looked like a reaction on Netflix‘s part to the maneuvers of what will probably be a pretty potent competitor. Sure, it sounds asinine, but not necessarily implausible.

Luckily for binge-watchers everywhere, Netflix later confirmed this was not the case. The site is releasing precisely one new show in this weekly format, namely its upcoming music competition show Rhythm + Flow. This is to keep the name of the competition’s winner a surprise. Netflix clarified on Twitter it wouldn’t be doing this with any of its new shows (though it’ll also be releasing the seventh season of The Great British Bake-Off in the same fashion). The miscommunication appears to have arisen from the fact that the original story — implied “multiple new shows” would be released in this format.

Rhythm + Flow‘s winner notwithstanding, notifications about new content can only help Netflix keep its substantial foothold in consumer minds through what promises to be a stiff fight with the likes of Disney+.

The Latest tab will be rolling out worldwide over the next few weeks.

Coming to Netflix: Reminders for Your Favorite Titles
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