Netizens sympathizing with Oh Yeon Seo amidst divorce scandal

Tensions are flaring as one of the messiest scandals of this year becomes even messier. Actress Oh Yeon Seo was recently implicated by Goo Hye Sun for having an affair with Ahn Jae Hyun. Although Oh Yeon Seo’s label immediately promised strict legal action, the actress has been a target of many malicious comments.

Netizens have been sympathizing with Oh Yeon Seo after the reveal of Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun’s messages, saying: 

“I went into Oh Yeon Seo’s Instagram. It hasn’t even been proven and she’s become the nation’s b****. This is 100% Goo Hye Sun’s fault. Let’s think about this logically guys…”

“Goo Hye Sun just didn’t say the name outright. She said so that everyone would know who. I would sue if I were Oh Yeon Seo too.”

“I really wish Goo Hye Sun would stop…”

“I have no words for Goo Hye Sun.”

“Why is Oh Yeon Seo getting cursed at when she’s the one dragged into this s****.”

Many netizens are continuing to take sides as the drama continues to mount. 

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