Never Follow the Blogging Herd

I trust humans who blog. I may look to them for blogging advice most of the time but want to see a human, with varied interests, to connect with the blogger on a deeper level.

New or even seasoned blogging vets often muck this up; being desperate to drive business, said bloggers talk blogging ALL the time. What happy, successful, human being does 1 thing ALL the time? No human devotes 100% of their life to a single endeavor. Humans enjoy movies, spending time with their family, follow sports, travel and have hobbies outside of blogging.

Blogging about blogging all day long:

  • bores readers
  • turns off readers
  • ensures you lose an authentic, human, genuine connection with readers

I recall getting an email from a reader. Said reader purchased 3 of my audio books. He noted how I seemed about 50 levels above him, blogging-wise, but after reading of my blogging struggles, he related to me, and connected with me more deeply. Commonality. Bond made. Deeper connection. Sales. Sharing my struggles, discussing my hobbies outside of blogging and sharing details from my day to day life makes me human, and humans relate to humans.

Did you know I am a meteorologist by schooling? I have my BS from Kean University, one of the most respected institutions for meteorology in the United States. I modeled part time for a few years. Huge basketball fan. Big fan of Netflix, and A Game of Thrones, and yes, I am slowly developing a Bigfoot obsession, too.

If you saw me as some blogging god, a blogging machine, living a completely unrealistic, unattainable life of circling the globe, before reading this post, a robot, a mindless cyborg, and you could not connect with, maybe the prior 2 paragraphs changed your perception of me. Blogging god becomes human being. I struggled blogging many years ago. Like you may struggle now. Maybe you love weather, or basketball, like me. Or maybe we have no common interests but learning about my hobbies turns me into a living, breathing human being, just like you. Maybe me being human and a successful blogger means you, too, can succeed with blogging, because you are human, just like me.

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My audio book customer purchased my listens because he saw me as a credible human, a human being he could relate to, and connect with. I certainly NEVER downplay my success; doing so dishonors you and cheats you of a potential source of inspiration. But I share my human-ness, my life away from blogging, because:

  • learning about the REST of the story makes blogging fun, fascinating and neat
  • we may share common interests
  • we may connect deeply through a hobby
  • human beings become the most successful bloggers

Plus, 1 dimensional bloggers are lame

Lame Blogging

I have seen some bloggers experience great worldly success from a place of depression. 6 figure earners obsessed with all blogging, all the time, never sharing anything outside of blogging. Who cares about success if you feel unhappy? Who cares if you do not enjoy the journey? For every reader you help, you miss the opportunity to connect with 10 readers who gravitate toward your multi dimensional nature. Be human. Share your life away from blogging. Connect deeply.

I vividly recall connecting more deeply with Zac Johnson over lunch when I found out he is a basketball nut, like me. Plus his Magic is sub .500 and my Knicks are in the toilet; he has much more hope, but neither of our teams are going to the NBA Finals soon LOL….deeper connection. Lisa Sicard shares fun updates on her Facebook feed; I feel more deeply connected with her through her family-themed updates and beautiful snowy pictures from New England (Remember guys; I am a weather buff!). My wife Kelli built a successful blogging career by being open, transparent, vulnerable and honest about her experiences.

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Exponentially increase your blogging success over the long haul. Be genuine. Be human. Connect with more blogging readers on a deeper level.

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