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Backpack Wine has solved the problem of wanting to enjoy wine for outdoor activities but not wanting to have to bring all the other accessories. Backpack Wine offers great-tasting, quality wine is in a take-anywhere, easy-open, recyclable can. Backpack Wine solves your problem by allowing you skip the cork, grab a pack and take quality wine with you, no matter how far off the beaten path you want to go.

What makes Backpack Wine great? The wine taps into the love of exploration and discovery. What makes Backpack Wine even better? Canned wine is easy to drink, serve and socialize over. It is portable so that you can bring it along on hikes. It is also fun to pair with any foods from casual to elegant. Canned wine can be and should be enjoyed all year long.

Backpack Wine Rowdy Red

Rowdy Red is a tasty blend of Washington State Merlot and Syrah that shows dark cherry on the nose. What you will notice as you drink this especially during the Fall days is that the wine drinks velvety smooth. Rowdy Red shows black cherry, plum and a touch of spice. Backpack Wine recommends that you chill this wine a bit and then happily enjoy it anywhere.

Backpack Wine Snappy White

Snappy White is a Washington State Riesling based blend. This wine has a touch of sweetness and weight that finishes with refreshing acidity. This wine is a balanced white that delivers notes of green apple and Asian pear. Snappy White pairs perfectly for cocktail hour or with spicy summer dishes. But enjoy this white wine anytime of the year as a reminder of those warm summer days.

Backpack Wine Cheeky Rose

Cheeky Rosé is a Washington State Pinot Blanc and Sangiovese Rose blend. What you will notice about the rosé is that it is a drier expression, with a touch of peach, strawberry and rose petal. The blush wine is clean and crisp. Also, considered a summer treat but can be enjoyed throughout the year, the blush wine is a bright treat with an open grill in the summer or rich foods in the winter.

The white and rose versions both need a good chill. Both of these wines are food friendly. Here are some recommendations from Backpack wine: try Cheeky Rosé with Italian, Mexican and Spanish food. Snappy White has a hint of sweetness but is crisp and light. Try it with salads and with anything with a little spiciness. Mix and match any of these wines with something different and enjoy.

Overall, it was a great experience sharing wines from Backpack Wine. Again, what did you think I got right and what do you think I said wrong? Let us know in the comments section.

Disclaimer: For purposes of this review, Backpack Wine provided a sample of their wine.

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