New CobbleStone Mobile Apps Enable Small Businesses to Keep Tack of Contracts

CobbleStone Software just announced its contract lifecycle management solution is now available on mobile platforms. The Contract Insight Mobile App will provide a seamless transition between your office and Android or iOS devices for managing contracts from anywhere.

CobbleStone Software Contract App

The free app allows users to find all of their contracts on their mobile device. And once they find it, they can approve tasks, negotiate online and electronically sign the contract without having to go back to the office.

Being able to fully access relevant documents of a contract while out in the field is extremely helpful for a small business. It means less back and forth, no more paper and the ability to make changes as needed on the spot.

According to Mark Nastasi, Vice President of CobbleStone Systems, the new app was developed to simplify contract management from anywhere. In a press release, Nastasi explains, “The mobile app supports the Contract Insight Enterprise CLM tools our clients expect, including the ability to easily find contracts, and much more. We now give our clients the ability to manage contracts faster and easier than ever before, with the reliability they expect from CobbleStone’s industry-leading solutions.”

The App

Contract and legal professionals, as well as many other small businesses, can now access the same contract lifecycle management (CLM) features for managing their contracts on a mobile device. The app has user-defined fields to find and track documents and follow workflows for approving pending contracts. And just like the version in your office, you will be alerted via email when a contract needs your attention.

Once your contracts are uploaded, you can organize them by folders and subfolders for quick access so you won’t have to go through paper contracts again. The records of the contracts are centralized with an online contract management solution that has secure data protection.

CobbleStone Software Contract App for Contract Pros

CobbleStone Systems provides contract lifecycle management software solutions for public and private organizations across all industries and sizes. This includes small businesses so they can manage and secure all of their contracts in a centralized document repository that can be accessed anytime.

Benefit of Contract Management Solution for a Small Business

Whether you are a small legal, medical or CPA firm, having a contract management solution makes sure you are on top of the many parameters of a contract. Managing the terms, conditions and limitations of each of your contracts can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for a small business.

With the right technology, you can manage a host of functions including drafting and creating new contracts, executing and signing the contract, as well as monitoring and managing the operational and obligational performance of the contract. The new Contract Insight Mobile App lets you do all this and more when you are on the go.

Image: CobbleStone Systems

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