New Instagram Feature Will Tell Brands What Products Have Been Bookmarked by Customers

Instagram is set to start developing analytics tools that will inform companies what products are being bookmarked by users. The information can help brands in their ad targeting campaigns.

Instagram formed a team in 2017 to transform the app into a conduit for online shopping. With that goal in mind, the team launched a new tool last month that allowed users to bookmark products that captured their interest. Now, Instagram is working on creating a tool that will tell brands which of their products are being saved.

The company is reportedly planning to release this feature in early 2019.

Layla Amjadi, Instagram’s product manager, explained to CNBC how challenging it is to maintain all the products that have interested users on different sites. She added that this is a problem they are excited about solving.

Instagram’s bookmarking feature could be used for advertising purposes in the future, with users seeing more ads about items they have specifically saved. But Facebook, Instagram’s mother company, does not have the necessary tools for this yet. It’s also not offering any similar feature at the moment. However, companies should consider the analytics tools Instagram is creating as the first step to this.

The platform looks at bookmarking as a “reconsideration problem” where consumers like an item but are not yet making a purchase due to several factors. For instance, they may not have the money for it yet or they’re waiting for a particular style or color. Amjadi believes that with their bookmarking tool, the company can help users reconsider their choices at the right time.

At the moment, Instagram seems to be more focused on ensuring that they’re “nailing the consumer experience” of the app’s shopping element. Amjadi revealed that the company wants its users to feel like they’re window shopping. It’s an experience that she believes people crave, which is why they’re trying to build a “personalized mall within Instagram.” It’s also a good way for consumers and brands to establish a fruitful relationship.

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