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New product Development Strategy:

Product development strategy is the process of adding innovation to consumers from thought to test. New product is a result of a creative and unique idea that makes consumers satisfied. In a new product development.

How to Plan New Product/service Development:

Launching of new product or a service to the market, should have robust marketing plan before setting of product launch marketing, organization goals and establishment of a new product launch to have several key metrics and the marketing campaigns.

Description of target market with planned value addition, sales, market share and profit goals.

Outline of product’s planned to be manufactured, distribution and marketing budget for the first year

The long-term sales plan, profit targets and marketing mix strategy.

The product development process also involves a review of sales, costs and profit projections for new product or factors satisfying company’s goals.

Market Research for New Product Development

Organizations depend on new product development for staying competitive within the industry. However, such process can be exciting, lengthy for the new products and service which allow organizations to grow and expand their market reach. To ensure that the time and price invested for the new product development shouldn’t go waste, it’s essential for organizations to take informed decisions based on actual market opportunity and the customer understandings. Our Market research studies have dedicated teams having insights and information about major updates of the market. The following activities are carried for Market Research for New Product/Service Development

Primary Market Research:

Sale effectiveness

Determining quality offered by competitors

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Recognizing competitors and the active competition in the market

Any other relevant primary information required

Secondary Market Research

Analyzing Company Data Reports

Conducting Studies or Surveys

Sorting and Consulting Newspaper Reports

Any Other relevant Available Information

Market Research Process

Analyzing the Similar Research has Already Conducted.

Study of the Existing Data meeting organization goals.

Deciding how existing data can be used.

Figure out how company needs to perform any primary market research

Any other relevant information about the market

Plan New Product Development in the phased manner

The new product development in the phased manner includes the sequence wise information for developing product which should undergo from conceptualization to final addition into the market. Certainly, depending on the specific situation, process which may be handled in a flexible manner to overlap phase of new products should include the following phase.

Idea Phase

Research phase

Development Phase

Testing Phase

Analysis Phase

Release phase

Businesses can also measure their repute with the key market research, as well as finding problems with their service, branding, packaging, website or other influential feature of the product. The use of market research analysis for new product development can aid by bringing the useful insight into the current & future trends where the market might be heading.

New Service Development Strategy

The entire process of forming service deals with the key concepts rather than the physical objects. The service development is an end to end process of developing and launching of new service to be sold to customers, which primarily involves market research, customer experience, operations and new service ideas. The method of new-service strategy development and testing must also recognize the abstract, and the nature of services associated to it.

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