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Sometimes it can seem like there’s not enough time in the day, or coffee in the pot, to let digital marketers do all they need to do. No two days are the same, no two campaigns are identical, and no one product or initiative has the same requirements as its predecessor. Given the changing digital marketplace and the ever-growing importance of digital marketing, it’s no wonder that marketers are so busy: They have one job title, but innumerable job responsibilities. Worse, all too often the tools that should guarantee their success instead hold them back, resulting in wasted hours, lost opportunities, and a few gray hairs.

 Good digital marketers spend much of their days performing repetitive but necessary work.

Because every good Marketing campaign is a bespoke creation, good digital marketers spend much of their days performing repetitive but necessary work. Before they can develop a strategy or provide recommendations, they must devote hours to routine tasks, juggling several independent apps or programs and reconciling data from multiple sources. The final product may be clean and elegant, but the path to it is a slog. Too often, Search Engine Optimization is not itself optimized for agility and adaptability.

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Processes essential to improved SEO requiring multiple applications and tools can make things difficult, to begin with; what’s more, is that SEO can go beyond the provinces of more than one person or team in an organization. Even when there’s a single stated point of contact for SEO, that person must work with accounts payable, with marketing and publicity teams, with R&D and with Sales. A single campaign may generate hundreds of emails, Slack direct messages, and texts, all because there’s no central collaborative space for contributors. If there’s outsourcing to consider, the process grows exponentially more complicated.

One of our goals at Conductor is to ameliorate the pain and frustration of processes like these. Our Orchestra platform provides a central clearinghouse for content briefs, and for every other step of the SEO process, from identifying underperforming keywords to judging campaign success and liaising with our suite of Content Strategists. And through Conductor’s Marketplace, users can browse, request, receive and share strategic service offerings from the Orchestra team.

Marketplace’s offerings allow SEO teams to expand their team power on an ad hoc, case-by-case basis: If a crunch project, tight deadline, or especially large project needs more hands, Marketplace can provide them completed projects at a fraction of the cost and at a greater speed than traditional channels.

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The work of SEO is never done: Trends change, new products appear, and new websites launch. New tools, however, can make that work easier and more efficient. The Conductor platform and Orchestra strategic services and support team allow search engine optimizers to refocus on high-level priorities. Conductor puts all the necessities for SEO on a single Cloud-based platform, while Orchestra lets search professionals bring in additional assistance for major projects, new initiatives, and reporting. Putting everything in a single place saves time and improves results, and it doesn’t entail the financial strain of hiring a separate agency for SEO.

The SEO community has done a fine job responding to changes in the online environment; whenever Google or another search engine propagates a major change to its algorithm, the experts are on the case, determining its ramifications for the field in general and for their clients in particular. However, the same dedication to best practices has not extended to the daily operations of SEO professionals. In 2020 and beyond, it’s imperative that we optimize the lives of SEO experts.

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