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Smart tech to automate your home and make things easier for the user has exploded over other the last few years (not literally). Smart lighting, internal cameras, talking assistants and now, Nuki. Nuki produces a smart lock, that can be retrofitted onto your existing door, allowing a key’less entry. You’re probably thinking, how secure is this, what if something goes wrong? Well, Nuki sent their Smart Lock 2.0 over for us to try out and find those answers.

In it’s crudest form, the Smart Lock is a motorised device, that covers the key you have inserted into your door and will rotate the key to lock or unlock your door.

Installation & Set Up

Prior to installation, you need to ensure you purchase the correct lock, ideally through the Nuki website, as there are a few options. The Nuki website will run through a number of steps to ensure your existing door locking system is compatible. The lock works with a number of UK Oval or EU cylinder locks but there are some restrictions, both known & unknown. I ran through the compatibility test and it all came back fine, apart from the part where my key on the outside, didn’t replicate what my key did on the inside i.e. turn together from inside or out. For that reason, I was advised to actually change my lock, because if the batteries died in the device or my smartphone, I would’nt be able to use a second key on the outside to unlock the door. I would need to use a secondary means of access, which are available at a separate cost (bridge/fob/keypad).

As for the unknown, there was very little mentioned about size of the lock and how it would be secured against your door. You’ll see in the image below that my handle is actually elevated from the door itself, with a sunken lock, meaning I needed to secure the lock backplate in place with just the sticker provided. The sticker was large, high quality but because I had very little surface area to stick it to, it wasn’t that secure and because I had a sunken lock, I wasn’t able to use the other backing plate that uses screws to secure in place.


That being said, it was a very quick & easy installation and all the parts or tools required are provided. The instructions given lack somewhat, but once you download the Nuki app, the step by step guides are fantastic. Once the lock was in place and each step had been completed, the app paired with the lock via Bluetooth and began its calibration. During this process, the lock would rotate the key multiple times, locking & unlocking to learn your door. There is also the option to install a magnet next to the lock, on the door frame, acting as a contact so it knows when a door is open or closed.

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Within the box you get the lock, two back plates depending on if your lock protrudes from the door or not, a magnet, allen key and instructions.


Unlocking or locking the door is all done via the app. It takes me just a few seconds to get my key and unlock my door. It took me considerably longer to get my phone out, unlock it, go the app, wait for it to find the lock and unlock the door. That’s not the best experience with the lock. You can, however, set up a sort of geo-fencing, so when you get within 100m of the door, the app will know this and as you get closer, the door will unlock for you. Now that’s the smart tech you want. If you want it even easier, grab a fob and stick it to your keys.

When the lock is low on battery (20%), it will notify you in the app. It will continue to until you install new batteries (4xAA). Now if your smartphone runs out of battery there are a number of different options for you to gain access through your door. If your lock accepts it, you can use a second key that you may have on you or hidden away. If not, then you need to charge your phone, find another way in or let someone else give you access. Yes, although the lock is initially set up via a Bluetooth connection, you can purchase a bridge which will allow the lock to connect to your wireless network. This then gives you access to control the lock remotely, as long as you have a data connection on your smartphone, meaning your partner could let you in remotely IF there was no other way. There is also a Bluetooth fob and keypad option, which can be purchased separately and all need to be set up prior to you being locked out! If you are on the inside and want to unlock the door, you just rotate the knob on the lock and it will turn the key.

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The lock is encrypted and continues to be updated to ensure it stays secure. Nuki have actually been awarded with a number of awards for their security.

The lock is a little clunky, its quite unslightly and the motor makes that distinct winding noise during operation. Other than Nuki advising I change my locks to suit their needs, my next issue was that my newer home had multi point locks on all my external doors. The lock was faultless with locking & unlocking the key, but it’s unable to lift the door handle up to activate the locking system, thus not actually locking the door at all. This wasn’t mentioned in the compatability test.

The lock does have assistant integration from Amazon, Google & Apple. To use this feature, you will require the Bridge to get on the network with your assistant. Amazon & Google both support locking & unlocking your door. You can tell Alexa to unlock your door, if you shout the pin out loud enough.

To use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
you’ll need the Nuki Bridge, since this provides a way for the smart
assistants to interact with your lock. Both assistants support locking
your door, although if you have a multi-point lock then you’ll need to
have raised the handle first.


The Nuki Smart Lock is a great bit of tech and I see it having a bright future. It’s fantastic that it’s a retrofit option, meaning you don’t need to change your locks and it actually works very well. The key is ensuring you know how your door works, ensuring you purchase the correct kit to suit and where necessary, purchase additional items to compliment the system.

For more info and to purchase, head over to the Nuki website. Prices start from £229 and there are a number of combo deals available.


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