Oh Yeon Seo’s label also steps up to warn against rumors connecting her to Jung Joon Young’s hidden camera footage

Actress Oh Yeon Seo‘s label Celltrion Entertainment has also stepped up to warn legal action against the ongoing malicious rumors, currently pointing fingers at various female celebrities as the “victims” involved in Jung Joon Young‘s hidden camera footage scandal. 

Oh Yeon Seo’s label stated, “The rumors currently being spread regarding our label actress are completely false, baseless rumors, and we are greatly concerted about the severe defamation of character that our actress may face through these rumors. As a result, we notify our intentions to take strict legal action through the collection of clear evidence unearthing the perpetrators responsible, in order to protect our actress’s rights.” 

Previously, actresses such as Lee Chung Ah and Jung Yoo Mi were also involved in similar rumors.

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