Ohio native Red Gerard brings home gold for Team USA

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(WCMH) — Seventeen-year-old Team USA snowboarder, Red Gerard grew up in Northeast, Ohio, and this weekend he won the first Gold Medal for The United States at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. His cousin, Freddy Gerard, plays a key role on The Ohio State University Men’s Hockey team.

Like his cousin, Freddy understands the hard work and dedication it takes to become an elite athlete. Freddy has helped lead No. 6 Ohio State into 2nd place in the Big Ten standings, and he could not be more excited for his cousin’s Gold Medal win in Pyeongchang.

“It’s sheer shock and just amazement because it is, it’s truly a special thing, it was the first one of these games for the United States and he made history, he’s the youngest to ever do it,” said Freddy.

While Red hit the mountains in his final gold-medal run, Freddy, and the Buckeyes took down No. 1 ranked Notre Dame. However, after the game, Freddy could not wait to learn the outcome of Red’s final run.

“I see my mom, I’m like, what’s going on…how’s Red doing, she’s like ‘He won! He won!’ and I’m like ‘No, he didn’t!’ I couldn’t believe it, it was mind-blowing, I was very very happy for him,” said Freddy.

The Gerard family could not be happier for Red’s success, and friends and family back in Rocky River, Ohio, share in their excitement.

“It’s pretty cool the thing he was able to do for Cleveland, Ohio, Rocky River, it’s very fun that a kid coming out of a small town like that can do something so big and move so many people,” said Freddy.

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