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OnePlus has a renewed focus on the Indian market ever since the company came out on top in the premium smartphone segment, beating Samsung. The company has since announced several India-specific features including a new Work-Life Balance mode. To be honest, something like that is not necessarily India-specific and could help smartphone users worldwide. But this just shows the company is going out of its way to please Indian users. Now the Chinese manufacturer has released a new festive icon pack and wallpaper for India just in time for Diwali. You can download the OnePlus Diwali icon pack and wallpaper below.

OnePlus announced this new icon pack and the new wallpaper in an official post over on OnePlus forums. They say, “One of our team’s fun exercises is the Festive icon pack and wallpaper. And while we’re amidst the celebrations, we have an opportunity for our Indian users to delve into and experience this occasion. You can choose to install the wallpaper and the icon pack for a high-spirited and cheerful vibe to your home page.” If you have been looking for beautiful icon packs this festive season, download the APK from below.

OnePlus Diwali Icon Pack APK & Wallpaper

Fortunately, unlike many Diwali or festive icon packs that you’ll find on the Play Store, the OnePlus Diwali icon pack does not turn all of your icons into lamps or fireworks. The icons still have a very OnePlus look and feel to them but they just have a new shade of yellow to them or just brighter and more inviting colors. In the case of the gallery app, the rising sun in the center now looks more like a lamp which is a clever touch. One can tell the icons were designed carefully by professionals. They do look festive but they also manage to retain the OnePlus element.

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Unfortunately, the icon pack only changes icons for OnePlus apps such as Phone, Contacts, Calculator, Camera, Clock, Community, Notes, Messages, Gallery, Game Space, OnePlus Switch, Weather, Recorder, Settings, SIM Toolkit, ZenMode, etc.

OnePlus Diwali Wallpaper

As for the wallpaper, it’s pretty much like any other OnePlus 7T wallpaper but with the yellow and purple-ish colors that have somehow come to represent Diwali. You can see both the wallpaper and the icon pack above. If you like what you see, you can download the icon pack and wallpapers from the links below. Yes, wallpapers, because OnePlus is providing them in two different sizes. The smaller is for the OnePlus 7T with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels. The larger is for the OnePlus 7T Pro with a resolution of 14440 x 3120 pixels.


The wallpapers were designed for the new OnePlus 7T series but obviously, you can use them easily on any other smartphone, even the non-OnePlus ones. The icon pack though is only available for OnePlus devices and only on the stock OnePlus launcher.

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