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Feeling hungry for success? We over at SumAll have got the perfect recipe for you! It’s appetizing, fun and rewarding to make, and won’t add on to your love handles—I mean, it won’t make you look bad! Follow SumAll’s recipe for success and I guarantee you, you’re going to enjoy the delicious results.

Find Your Niche! What Do You Want to Cook?

The hardest part of any meal is deciding what you want to eat. In the ecommerce world, choosing the focus of your small business can mean a lot of things, but most important of all is honing in on something you’re passionate about and actually want to do! After all, cooking isn’t fun unless you’re looking forward to the end results, and pursuing something that’s a total drag won’t lead to a tasty end result.

The Best Platform—Stovetop? Oven? Microwave???

A microwave may seem like a great alternative to preparing a meal quickly, but the resulting quality’s akin to starting up an online business on a random platform without carefully weighing the pros and cons. There exist giants like Amazon and eBay, or the opportunity to create your own website through Shopify. Whatever you choose, make sure to read up on it, and be careful—you don’t want to accidentally burn yourself!

How Do You Want to Market—Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Narrowing down your guest list may seem like a challenge, but don’t worry, your table’s big enough to fit at least a couple of folks. Marketing your store will be a breeze once you get the hang of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each platform provides a unique opportunity to share different kinds of content, and depending on how good a “host” you are, you’ll be able to manage their many nuances no matter what.

Just Do It!

Look, you gotta eat sometime, and if you’ve been dreaming of running your own business for a while now, you’ll eventually give in to that craving. You’ll be much happier and a better person for it.

Track Your Data and Count Those Calories

SumAll won’t make you healthier physically but it sure will do wonders for your business. Measure the success of your store (but unfortunately, not your waistline) with all the metrics you need to plan for the future. And hey, with real food you may have to exercise some restraint, but if this metaphorical blog post has cast any doubt, feel free to indulge all you want when working hard to grow your business.

Save That Recipe for Later and Profit

Was your recipe a success? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could profit off it, too? Along with SumAll you’ll need a tool that helps you handle your books. We really like QuickBooks because it works with multiple ecommerce platforms (like Shopify and BigCommerce). We also like them because they provide different levels of service depending on your needs. From individuals running a small business in their spare time to businesses running full time—everyone has to eat, right? QuickBooks will keep your small business on track and your appetite sated. Bon appétit!

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